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Medieval Dynasty – How to Get a Horse

Medieval Dynasty Get a Horse

If you’ve played Medieval Dynasty for more than a minute then you know you have to travel a lot. Players can run for over 2 kilometers easily in just one day. However, that takes a lot of time. Unfortunately, if you built your settlement far from a cave or you want to do the main quest, you will have to travel very far, very often. This is why you will need a mount to not waste time on travel. So, here is exactly how you can get a horse in Medieval Dynasty and travel to the farthest reaches of the valley.

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Getting a Horse in Medieval Dynasty

To get a horse in Medieval Dynasty you need to first reach 2000 Farming tech points and unlock the Stable. This can take very long, but luckily you have years to complete the main quest. We would recommend you take your time before doing the quests and first get the Stable.

Medieval Dynasty Map Horse Merchant Location

Once you unlock and build the Stable (12 Stones, 48 Logs, 48 Straws, 8 Planks) you need to head over to a horse trader and buy yourself an expensive steed. You can find a horse trader in Hornica, in the southern part of the valley. You can see the location of the horse merchant shown above.

At 1.5 years old, colts and fillies reach maturity (6 seasons). Horses have a minimum life expectancy of 25 years and an average lifespan of 31.25 years (125 seasons) (100 seasons). This is independent of how many days a player sets for each season. Every season, mares have a 20% chance of giving birth to a foal multiplied by the number of stallions in the stable. A mare living with two stallions, for instance, has a 40% probability of producing a foal each season. Depending on how many open stalls you have in the stable, each mare can only have one foal every season.

And that is all you need to know about how to get a horse in Medieval Dynasty. Check out other interesting Medieval Dynasty guides and articles:

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