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Core Keeper: How to Get Copper Key

Core Keeper How to Get Copper Key

While exploring the large and dangerous dungeons of Core Keeper, one might stumble into a locked chest that needs a special key. Well, luckily, players don’t have to rely on blind luck to open these chests anymore, as they can craft a copper key. With the help of a special workbench, you will be able to open any chest hidden across the many biomes of Core Keeper. If you need to open a chest right now, here is how you can get your hands on a copper key in Core Keeper.

Crafting a Copper Key in Core Keeper

Players have a small chance of looting a copper key in one of the chests scattered in the Undergrounds, Clay Caves and Forgotten Ruins. However, an easier way, if they managed to bring down the Great Wall, would be to craft the key.

Core Keeper How to Get Copper Key Casting Table

To craft the copper key in Core Keeper, you will need to bring down the Great Wall and head over to the Azeos’ Wilderness biome. Players will have to collect at least 35 Scarlet Ore to craft the Scarlet Workbench and then the Key Casting Table.

Using the Key Casting Table and 10 Copper Bars, players will craft a copper key in Core Keeper. To make the Key Casting Table at the Scarlet Workbench, you will need at least 20 Planks, 10 Iron Bars, and 10 Scarlet Bars.

Once the Key Casting Table has been built, you will be able to make all types of keys, ranging from copper keys to galaxite keys! With the help of this new workbench, players can open up any chest in any biome, if they have the necessary ingots.

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