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Core Keeper: How to find and defeat Glurch the Abominous Mass (Slime Boss)

Core Keeper How to Find and Defeat Glurch

There are many powerful bosses and creatures wandering around the cavern of Core Keeper. Glurch the Abominous Mass is the first boss most players manage to find since it likes to appear very close to the core. This boss might seem easy to beat at first glance, but some of the players can still struggle to defeat this abomination. Luckily, we have made this guide to show you how to find and defeat Glurch the Abominous Mass in Core Keeper once and for all.

Finding Glurch the Abominous Mass in Core Keeper

Core Keeper How to Find Glurch Location

To find Glruch the Abominous Mass in Core Keeper, all you need to do is venture a bit from the core (the starting location) in any direction and see if the ground starts shaking. You will know for sure if this is happening since your screen will shake like crazy every few seconds.

If the screen is shaking because of a huge larva that is sliding across the map in circles, it means you went too far from the core.

To know for sure if you made it too far, you will find a tunnel that goes in a circle around the core with a trail of slime on it. If you made it here, it means you venture too far. Go back to the core and go in another direction.

Defeating Glurch the Abominous Mass in Core Keeper

Since you are probably still at the beginning of the Core Keeper, defeating Glurch the Abominous Mass should be done with a ranged Slingshot and bombs.

To craft a Slingshot, you will need to first craft the Tin Workshop and then the Tin Anvil. At the Tin Anvil, you will need 10 Wood and 3 Tin Bars to make the Slingshot.

If you stand far enough from Glurch, you can just shoot it with your Slingshot until it dies. It won’t follow you extremely far, especially if it can’t reach you due to water or a hole too big in the ground.

Just shoot at it from a distance, you don’t actually have to see it on your screen, and wait until it dies. Alternatively, you can also use bombs if it gets too close.

Put on one the ground when it prepares to jump at you and run before it reaches you. This will make Glurch activate the bomb. Using around 20 bombs should be enough to bring it down.

And that is all you need to know about how to find and defeat Glurch in Core Keeper. Check out other interesting guides and articles:

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