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Colony Ship: Implants Guide (List, How to Install, Upgrades)

Colony Ship Implants Guide (List, How to Install, Upgrades)

In Colony Ship: A Post-Earth Role Playing Game, players will live the relatively short life of a colonizer on the way to find life on a different planet. Though Earth seems to be too far away to matter, most major technology from that planet is still here with you on this giant floating deathtrap. In Colony Ship, you will have the opportunity to add high tech Implants to your character and their companions to increase your stats and combat capabilities. There are quite a few Implants you can get to become a living cyborg, so you better get to it. In this guide we will give you a full list of all the Implants in Colony Ship, as well as show you how to install them and what upgrades you can give them.

How to Install Implants in Colony Ship: A Post-Earth Role Playing Game

If you somehow manage to get an Implant from a random corpse on the ship or from a defeated enemy, you will have the opportunity to put it to use. To install Implants in Colony Ship, you just need to head to a Medical Machine, interact with it, and select the “Install Implants” option.

If you do this before you actually have any Implants in your inventory, you will just see that you have no available Implants to use when you select to install one of the Implants there. You can also easily see the full list of Implants by interacting with one of these Medical Machines and selecting to install them.

The easiest to find Medical Machine in Colony Ship to install the Implants is the one in the Med Bay. You can see it behind Sarah. If you hover over it, it will say “Install Implants,” instead of Medical Machine, which will be the normal name it will have in other locations in the game.

All Implants and Upgrades List for Colony Ship: A Post-Earth Role Playing Game

Here is the full list of all the 7 Implants in Colony Ship, along with all the potential upgrades for them:

  • Bionic Eye – Perception +1
    • Advanced Targeting – +4 Accuracy, +2 Aimed, +2 Critical Chance
    • GlareShield – +20 Thermal Vision, +20 Optical Resistance
  • Neural Uplink – Intelligence +1
    • Neural Shield – +10 Neural Resistance
    • Bridge Officer – +10% Experience Bonus
    • Predictive Analytics – Combat Skills Gains +20% LP
  • Synthetic Heart – Toxic Resistance +25, HP Regen +2, when 13HP or less: Stat Regen +1
    • Painkiller – +1 HP Regen
    • Lifesaver – +5 Max HP
  • Exo-Spine – Strength +1
    • Machine Gunner – +4 Recoil Control
    • Heavy Infantry – +4 Armor Handling
    • Cage Fighter – +1-1 Melee Damage
  • Motor Cortex – Dexterity +1
    • Combat Reflexes – +3 Evasion
    • Assault Trooper – +2 Movement AP
    • Rapid Response – +6 Initiative
  • Squad Leader – Followers: Accuracy +4%, Evasion +4%, Critical Chance +3%, Followers Initiative +4
    • Neural Dampener – +1 Initial Disposition, +10 Neural Resistance, +10 Followers Neural Resistance
  • Subdermal Armor – Natural DR +1
    • Heat Absorber – +2 Energy DR

Best Implants in Colony Ship: A Post-Earth Role Playing Game

Depending on your character, any of the 7 Implants could be very useful. Usually, since the natural minimum limit is 2 Implants, you should get at least 1 Implant that increases your best stat.

If you have a party and use more than one companion then the best Implant in Colony Ship is the Squad Leader. This Implant makes your whole party a lot more powerful and, with the Neural Dampener upgrade, it will make your squad ready for most encounters without any real preparation.

And that is all you need to know about Implants, how to install them, and their upgrades in Colony Ship: A Post-Earth Role Playing Game. Check out other interesting Colony Ship guides and articles:

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