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Colony Ship: Character Creation Guide (Best Build)

Colony Ship A Post-Earth Role Playing Game Character Creation Guide Best Build

In Colony Ship: A Post-Earth Role Playing Game, players will have the freedom to make the character they always wanted to make in a space, sci-fi environment. With six main stats and a lot of skills to choose from, most new players will be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things they can customize. Considering that you likely know nothing about the game, there is a high chance you will want to build a balanced build that won’t be able to do much. This would be a huge mistake since being the best in something and horrible in other things is better than being average in everything. So, in this guide we will explain everything there is to know about character creation in Colony Ship and give you some of the best builds you can use for your playthrough.

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Character Creation Guide for Colony Ship: A Post-Earth Role Playing Game (All Stats and Skills Explained)

After you write your name, choose a gender, portrait, and appearance for your character in the creation menu in Colony Ship, you will first have to face the 6 mighty stats:

  • Strength
  • Constitution
  • Dexterity
  • Perception
  • Intelligence
  • Charisma


The Strength stat in Colony Ship will influence three things:

  • Melee Damage
  • Armor Handling
  • Recoil Control

Melee Damage should be straightforward to understand. If you increase Strength, you will deal more damage when hitting people with weapons in close range.

In Colony Ship, most heavy armor that will protect you properly will have a negative Armor Handling stat. So, for example, a normal heavy armor has around -5 Armor Handling. If you have a negative Armor Handling modifier you will get debuffs to Initiative, Evasion, and Reaction.

Luckily, you don’t need Strength for this stat, since it can also increase from training your Armor skill.

Recoil Control will decrease the debuff to accuracy you get from burst and double shot attacks. Quite useful if you use SMGs and Shotguns.

StrengthMelee Extra DamageArmor HandlingRecoil Control


Constitution in Colony Ship will influence two things:

  • Hit Points
  • Max Implants

The only way you can increase your HP in Colony Ship is by setting a decent Constitution stat at the start of the game. You won’t gain any extra HP by leveling up, so you will be stuck with 30 HP the whole game, unless you get some feats or implants to help.

Implants in this game are upgrades that you stick to your character and can’t really remove without major repercussions. Constitution is the main stat that will decide how many of these cool Implants your character can get to upgrade their stats and skills.

ConstitutionHit PointsMax Implants


The Dexterity stat in Colony Ship will influence three things:

  • Action Points
  • Evasion
  • Initiative

In Colony Ship battles, everything you want to do in a turn will require Action Points. Depending on the weapon, even a basic attack can cost 7 AP. This is why having a balanced Dexterity stat can be very important.

Evasion is a stat that will lower the Accuracy of the enemy when they try to hit you. So, if an enemy has 100% Accuracy and should easily hit you, that percentage will lower by the amount of Evasion you have.

Initiative is just a number that will decide your turn in a battle. The higher the Initiative, the higher your turn order in the fight.

DexterityAction PointsEvasionInitiative


Perception in Colony Ship will influence three things:

  • Initiative
  • Reaction
  • Base Accuracy

Both Dex and Per work together to increase Initiative. Maxing them out will make you very likely to attack first in every battle.

Reaction is a percentage stat that decides if your character will make an attack of opportunity against your enemies. These reactions can happen when an enemy enters your guns range, when they miss an attack, or when they leave your melee range.

When you attack an enemy you have a Base Accuracy stat that decides your chance of hitting. The final Accuracy percentage will be influenced by your skills and the enemies’ Evasion, but your Perception stat will just make sure you have a higher chance of hitting.

PerceptionInitiativeReactionBase Accuracy


The Intelligence stat in Colony Ship will influence two things:

  • Tagged Skills
  • Experience Bonus

All skills in Colony Ship at level 1 will require 20 xp to level up. Tagging a skill will increase the level of that skill by 2 levels while also keeping the xp level up requirements the same. So, a tagged skill at level 3 will require 20 xp to reach level 4, making Tagged Skills superior to normal ones.

You also gain a base Experience Bonus percentage for completing quests and defeating enemies if you increase your Intelligence. Since companions steal the amount of experience you get in Colony Ship, having a high Intelligence combined with high Charisma is mandatory.

IntelligenceTagged SkillsExperience Bonus


Charisma in Colony Ship will influence three things:

  • Neural Resistance
  • Initial Disposition
  • Max Followers

During the game you will fight various enemies that can deal psychic attacks. The Neural Resistance stat will protect you from those kinds of attacks/

Initial Disposition is a stat in Colony Ship  that influences your starting chance of persuading someone to do your bidding. While talking to NPCs to convince them to do something, you will play a little mini-game where you have to increase their Disposition to do what you want.

Max Followers should be relatively easy to understand. You can have companions in Colony Ship and, depending on your Charisma, you can only have 1 to 3 of them with you at all times.

CharismaNeural ResistanceInitial DispositionMax Followers

All Skills Explained

In Colony Ship you won’t increase your skills each time you level up. You can only increase these by using them. So, if you often shoot a shotgun at your enemies, your Shotgun skill will increase.

In character creation in Colony Ship, you will have to choose your Tagged Skills and assign 4 extra points in some of the skills.

The first skills you will have to choose from are the weapon skills. Your level in these skills will just increase your Accuracy with them, allowing you to hit your enemies more often.

It would be best to tag at least one skill here and also invest a point, since knowing how to use a weapon well will be useful for all builds.

Critical Strike will increase your Critical Strike Chance by 2%, Critical Damage by 1%, and Takedown damage by 10 each level.

Evasion will just increase your Evasion stat by 6 every level and Armor will give your 4 Armor Handling. Biotech will be useful in getting Implants from corpses and healing more efficiently using Medkits.

These other skills will be only used for different checks and won’t have any use when it comes to combat:

  • Computers
  • Electronics
  • Persuasion
  • Streetwise
  • Impersonate
  • Lockpick
  • Steal
  • Stealth

All checks where you need to convince someone to do something for you will have both a Persuasion and a Streetwise option, so never tag both of them.

Starting Feat

Always select one of the Heroic feats in character creation in Colony Ship. These are special feats that you can only get at the start of the game, based on your starting stats. If you don’t have 10 in any of the stats then you can get the Gifted feat, which is incredibly good.

Best Player Character Builds in Colony Ship: A Post-Earth Role Playing Game

Melee Tank

If you really wanted to hit everyone in the Colony Ship with a bat, then this is the right build for you:

  • Str – 10
  • Con – 9
  • Dex – 8
  • Per – 5
  • Int – 4
  • Cha – 4
  • Tagged Skill – Blunt/Bladed
  • Skill Points – Blunt/Bladed, Critical Strike, Evasion, Armor
  • Feat – Juggernaut

Though this build will be relatively weak at the start of the game, due to low Accuracy, a couple of feats here and there with some Implants should be enough to make you hit everything in your sight with incredible power.

Ranged Tank

Though we called the previous build a tank, this one is actually almost impossible to defeat, due to huge HP stats:

  • Str – 6
  • Con – 12
  • Dex – 7
  • Per – 7
  • Int – 6
  • Cha – 4
  • Tagged Skills – Weapon Skill, Biotech
  • Skill Points – Weapon Skill, Armor, Evasion, Biotech
  • Feat – Healing Factor

This time we will go for an incredibly beefy build that should withstand most attacks, with 70 HP. Since you can also get the Tough Bastard feat later, you can get this up to 80 HP at level 2.

We also decided to invest 6 INT for this one since we wanted to also get the Biotech skill tagged, due to the huge xp bonus that comes with Healing Factor.

Evasive Rogue

There might be a lot of players out there that wonder what it would be like to never get hit by attacks. Well, this build should help you achieve your dreams:

  • Str – 4
  • Con – 7
  • Dex – 10
  • Per – 9
  • Int – 6
  • Cha – 4
  • Tagged Skill – Weapon Skill, Evasion
  • Skill Points – Weapon Skill, Evasion, Sneak, Steal/Critical Strike
  • Feat – Fast Runner

With this build you should always be the fastest person on the battlefield. However, you should generally finish the fights before they even start using stealth.

Critical Sharpshooter

Ranged weapons rule the world of the Colony Ship. If you really want to dominate every battle, then you need to instantly crit everyone you try to hit:

  • Str – 4
  • Con – 7
  • Dex – 9
  • Per – 10
  • Int – 6
  • Cha – 4
  • Tagged Skill – Weapon Skill, Critical Strike
  • Skill Points – Weapon Skill, Critical Strike, Evasion, Armor
  • Feat – Dodge This!

The Critical Sharpshooter build starts off the game with over 100 Accuracy for their chosen weapon and 25% Critical Strike Chance. With a few extra feats you should be able to bump that up to around 50%.


If you like the idea of being good in everything, but don’t know how to actually do it in Colony Ship, just invest all your points in Intelligence:

  • Str – 4
  • Con – 7
  • Dex – 6
  • Per – 7
  • Int – 10
  • Cha – 6
  • Tagged Skill – Weapon Skill, Any other skills you want
  • Skill Points – The same ones from above
  • Feat – Mastermind

The Genius build will allow you to be the best in your party in most skills and also get a lot of feats. You can get the Personal Magnetism feat to get 3 companions and make all of them really good at fighting, while you are good at everything else.

If you also play your cards right, you can be above average in fighting as well.

Cult Leader

This is the build for players that want to charm the pants off of every NPC in Colony Ship and avoid all possible battles:

  • Str – 4
  • Con – 6
  • Dex – 6
  • Per – 6
  • Int – 8
  • Cha – 10
  • Tagged Skill – Weapon Skill, Persuasion/Streetwise, Impersonate
  • Skill Points – Weapon Skill, Persuasion/Streetwise, Impersonate, Evasion
  • Feat – Cult Leader

With this build you should generally be able to avoid most fights in the game. However, since you are just loved by everyone, you can just send your incredibly buffed companions to fight everything in your way.

And that is all you need to know about character creation and best build in Colony Ship: A Post-Earth Role Playing Game. Check out other interesting Colony Ship guides and articles:

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