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Between Horizons: Who Is The Contact? Solution

Between Horizons Who Is The Contact Solution

After putting together two and two, Stella now has the mission to infiltrate the Earth Museum and figure out who the suspect’s contact is supposed to be. Luckily, if you did your job right during The Recruit, you’ve learned that Luis is the suspect and you also know an extra hint that will help a lot with solving this case. In this guide we show you how to solve The Contact case in Between Horizons, also giving you the exact solution if you’re lazy.

The Solution for The Contact Case in Between Horizons

The first part of this case will be getting the right suspect for The Recruit case. If you’ve entered Luis’ home and confronted him about his mother, you should have learned that he is the suspect and that he also received another letter.

The clues you get for completing the previous case properly will be that the contact is:

  • Wearing three horizontal lines on them.
  • Works as a category 2 profession.

Once you enter the Earth Museum and scan the Infographic at the entrance, you will finally learn what a “category 2 profession” is. A category 2 profession is either a programmer or an engineer.

All of the people you can talk to will have either 1, 2, or 3 horizontal lines on their arm.

There are 4 people with the contact’s sign on them (the three horizontal lines):

  • Destina
  • Baptiste
  • Geraldo
  • Ajten

However, there are only 2 category 2 profession suspects in here:

  • Aaron
  • Geraldo
Between Horizons Who Is The Contact Solution 2
Screenshot by Raider King

This means that the solution to this case, and the contact, is Gerlado.

Getting him and completing the two previous cases right will get you the So Far, So Good achievement for starting your new job perfectly.

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