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Between Horizons: Who Put the Paper in the Recycler? Solution

Between Horizons Who Put the Paper in the Recycler Solution

After completing the chaotic missions to capture the Contact, players will have a follow up for the recycling case. This time, now that they know where the paper was recycled, they will need to figure out who actually did it. Since someone just did it again this morning, it is clear that the culprit is there right now. There are three people inside the Earth’s Museum at this point in time and one of them is the person smuggling paper for the traitors. In this guide we will show you how to figure out who put the paper in the recycler and solve the Paper Trail case in Between Horizons.

The Solution for the Paper Trail Case in Between Horizons

There are three people inside the Earth’s Museum at this moment: Baptiste, Oceane, and Devran. Baptiste says he arrived at 10:45, and he never entered the Activities Room.

Oceane and Devran say they arrived before 11:00, and then they went one after the other into the Activities Room. Checking the Break Room Scanner, you can see someone entered or exited the Activities Room at 11:04, 11:08, 11:11, and 11:18. We know that the recycling happened at 11:13.

If both of them entered one after the other around 11, this means that the 11:04 time is when Devran entered the Activities Room and 11:08 is when Oceane went after him.

So, between 11:11 and 11:18, one of them left the room and recycled a large amount of paper. Talking to Tonio outside the Activities Room door will help you learn that he arrived there at 11:15, and Devran was standing right next to the door on the other side.

This means that the culprit, and the solution for the Paper Trail case, is Oceane.

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