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Between Horizons: Pain Killers in the Navigation Room Solution

Between Horizons Pain Killers in the Navigation Room Solution

After the total chaos on the ship due to the power outage, players will need to investigate the Navigation Room to figure out what might have happened, since that is the origin of the problem. Scanning the room will reveal some Pain Killers prescribed to Teacher Simon. However, talking to the Navigators about the item will reveal that he has no access to the room. In this guide we will show you the steps to solving the Pain Killers case in Between Horizons and give you the right code for the medical records.

The Solution for the Pain Killers Case in Between Horizons

First of all, question the two Navigators in the room about the Pain Killers to learn that Teacher Simon doesn’t have access to the room.

Next, find Teacher Simon in the Residential Area, to the left of Luis’ bunk. Talking to him about the Pain Killers will reveal that he didn’t get the item from the hospital.

After this, head to the Biological Area and enter the Consultation Room to find the Medical Records that tell you exactly what was prescribed to whom. Asking any of the doctors about it will reveal that the numbers in the Medical Records represent the doctor, the patient, and the prescribed drug.

By asking some people around the ship about the Medical Records, you will figure out that the first number is the doctor, with 1 being Yaha and 2 being Destina, the next three numbers are the room number of the patient, and the last 2 numbers are the drug.

Talking to Aaron, who also took Pain Killers when he was hit in the head, will reveal that the number 55 at the end represents a patient that was prescribed Pain Killers.

So, head to the Command Area, interact with the computer. You’ll have to write a code to figure out who gave those Pain Killers to “Simon.” So, the first number will be either 1 or 2, followed by three numbers and letters representing Simon’s room number, which you can find in the Evidence menu by looking at him (L3A), and the number for Pain Killers (55).

The Medical Records Code

The code that you need to use in the Command Area is 1L3A55. This will reveal that Doctor Yaha is the one that prescribed the medicine in Simon’s name.

Go and talk to her in the Examination Room and learn that the culprit for the Pain Killers case, and the solution to this mystery, is Engineer Asher.

Submit the solution in the Cases menu and then talk to him to learn a clue about the overall Navigation Room plot.

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