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Armored Core 6: Can You Get More Repair Kits? Answered

Armored Core 6 Can You Get More Repair Kits Answered

Armored Core 6, the highly anticipated addition to the renowned Armored Core franchise, has finally emerged in 2023 to captivate players with its third-person mech shooter experience. This installment plunges gamers into the unforgiving world of Rubicon, where they assume the role of a battle-hardened mercenary, faced with the daunting challenge of not only surviving but also thriving amidst the chaos and conflicts that define this perilous planet. What sets Armored Core 6 apart from its predecessors is its entirely fresh narrative, which ushers in a new era of gameplay possibilities. This article will delve into the intriguing question of whether players can get more Repair Kits, a crucial element in mastering the art of survival and dominance in this mechanized warfare environment in Armored Core 6.

What are Repair Kits in Armored Core 6

In Armored Core 6, the introduction of Repair Kits marks a pivotal departure from the series’ traditional gameplay mechanics. These kits offer players a lifeline, enabling them to restore their armored core’s integrity on the fly during intense missions.

This strategic innovation serves as an accessible gateway for newcomers, providing a safety net within the challenging realm of Armored Core 6.

To deploy a Repair Kit, players simply need to press the designated button (typically the ‘up’ button on a console controller or the ‘C’ key on a keyboard).

However, a crucial aspect to note is the presence of a cooldown period after each use, necessitating prudent usage.

To maximize the utility of these kits, it’s advisable to employ them only when the accumulated damage surpasses the kit’s restorative capacity, thereby ensuring optimal efficiency in sustaining your armored core throughout your mission.

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Can You Increase the Repair Kits Limit in Armored Core 6

In a nutshell, during a mission in Armored Core 6, players are restricted to carrying a maximum of three Repair Kits.

However, it’s essential to highlight that replenishing your repair kit count to the full three is possible by either accessing supply points strategically placed across the map or opting to restart from a designated checkpoint.


  • Utilize Supply Stations: Supply stations play a pivotal role in maintaining your mech’s combat readiness. They can be found strategically placed within certain missions (most often before a boss fight) or become accessible when your repair kit supply is exhausted. These stations serve as vital lifelines, instantly restoring both your Armor Points (AP) and repair kits to their maximum capacity. Furthermore, they function as checkpoints, offering you a respawn point with fully replenished supplies.
  • Upgrade Repair Kits: In the OS tuning menu, under the damage control tab, you have the option to increase the AP restored by each repair kit from its default of 4,000 AP to 6,000 AP. While this doesn’t increase the total number of repair kits at your disposal, it significantly reduces their consumption during intense battles, allowing you to withstand more damage before needing to deploy another repair kit.
  • Adjust AC Loadout: Versatility is key in Armored Core 6. Adapting your mech’s loadout to exploit your enemy’s weaknesses can be a game-changer. For instance, consider using a lightweight build when facing nimble foes. This configuration enables agile dodging and evasive maneuvers, reducing the damage your mech will take. Conversely, if confronting heavily armed adversaries, a heavyweight build can absorb more incoming fire with its robust armor or shield, decreasing your reliance on repair kits for survival.
  • Select Shorter Missions: Opting for shorter missions can be a pragmatic approach to conserving repair kits. By choosing missions with fewer waves of enemies or less demanding objectives, you can reduce the overall wear and tear on your mech. Additionally, Arena missions are worth considering, as they typically involve shorter encounters. However, it’s essential to note that repair kits are often disabled by default in Arena battles.

And that is all you need to know about how to get more Repair Kits in Armored Core 6. Check out other interesting Armored Core 6 guides and articles:

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