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Another Code: Recollection – Piano Puzzle Solution

Another Code: Recollection Piano Puzzle (Sheet Music Location)

Another Code: Recollection is a return to form for classic adventure games, and naturally that includes solving puzzles with items you find throughout the story. Frequently the game will have you backtrack through the mansion to solve puzzles you couldn’t before. One example of this occurs early in the game’s second chapter. Where the player will encounter a piano which will come into play at the end of the chapter. After receiving some sheet music, players will be greeted with a semi-difficult puzzle. If you are having some trouble with this, here is the piano puzzle solution in Another Code: Recollection!

Piano Sheet Music Puzzle Solution in Another Code: Recollection

To participate in the piano puzzle in Another Code: Recollection, the player must first collect the sheet music from the Golden Bird room as well as examine hummingbird painting, taking a picture of it with your DAS.

After obtaining the music sheet and taking a picture of the painting, return to the Drawing Room where you first saw the piano. Place the sheet music above the keys and attempt to play. The song will feel empty, like it could use some accompaniment.

To get this accompaniment, take a picture of the sheet music with you DAS. Proceed to your picture album, where you will notice the game has the option to overlay two different photos.

Overlay the previous photo you took of the hummingbird painting with your current photo of the sheet music and you’ll see they combine to form a new song.

Another Code: Recollection Piano Puzzle (Sheet Music Location)
Screenshot by Raider King

Interact with the sheet music again after performing this overlay and Ashley will write in the new notes for you. Next interact with the piano keys one final time to play the now complete song. The buttons you need to press will appear on screen as you play. 

Upon completing the puzzle, a box will fall out of the piano. Inside of the box will be several important plot items. Upon obtaining it you will be greeted by several cutscenes and the end of the game’s second chapter.

And that is all you need to know about the piano puzzle in Another Code: Recollection. Check out other interesting guides and articles:

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