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Xbox Logos Vanish From Microsoft’s Website

Xbox Logos Vanish From Microsoft Website

The early months of 2024 have been rough for fans of the Xbox brand. Not long after console developer Microsoft laid off nearly 2,000 employees, rumors began to emerge that the brand would be focusing on a digital-only and multi-platform future.

While Phil Spencer will be making a statement about these rumors on February 5, 2024, fans have already begun to take notice of worrying signs of the future on Microsoft’s website.

On the Game Pass section of the website, gamers can view various upcoming titles that are expected to simultaneously released on Game Pass at the same time as their full retail release. For months these games have been labeled as “Coming Day One to Xbox Game Pass”

Xbox Logos Vanish From Microsoft Website
Image via @Zuby_Tech

However, on the morning of February 9, 2024, fans began to take notice that these sections of the website had changed. Not only do these titles no longer proclaim to be releasing day one on Game Pass, but all mentions of the Xbox Series X|S have been removed.

The new info on the page proclaims that each of the games will simply be coming to consoles and PCs, with a link to Game Pass to assure that the games will be released on the subscription service as well.

Xbox Logos Vanish From Microsoft Website
Screenshot by Raider King

Some have come to speculate that this change in the website is due to these games potentially releasing on other platforms, as other Microsoft-owned games like Hi-Fi Rush and Gears of War already seem to be.

While this could potentially be nothing more than a simple update to the website, it occurring right as the Microsoft multi-platform rumors are at their peak has fans worried about the future of Microsoft.

At the moment, no clear statement can be made about the meaning of these website changes. All that can be done for now is to wait for Microsoft’s official statements in the upcoming week.

UPDATE: As pointed out by Twitter user @PeterOvo5, these redesigns are old and do not necessarily mean that Xbox is foregoing the idea of releasing these games day one on Gampass. In addition to this, Hellbade 2 had it’s portion updated around the September of 2023.

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