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V Rising: Keely the Frost Archer Location and Guide

V Rising Keely the Frost Archer Location and Guide

At its foundation, V Rising is a game about acquiring resources to build better structures and equipment, and defeating strong enemies like Keely the Frost Archer. However, before vampires can use resources and become more powerful, they must first learn a variety of recipes. These may be acquired either through various global locations or directly by killing V Blood bosses. Keely the Frost Archer’s precise location, how to defeat her, and the rewards you will receive are all detailed in this V Rising guide.

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Keely the Frost Archer Location

V Rising Keely the Frost Archer Location Map
Screenshot by Raider King

On the eastern edge of V Rising’s Farbane Woods, in the Bandit Trapper Camp, stands Keely the Frost Archer. This camp is filled with bandits, as the name suggests. The Trappers’ ability to trap you and expose you to direct sunlight is a great threat.

You may find a Waygate a little to the west of the Trapper Camp. If you’re not sure what it is, it’s a useful fast travel point that vampires use to get around the map.

Players will have to get rid of the Bandits to get to Keely. At this point in the game, players shouldn’t feel particularly threatened by these ordinary Bandits.

The location close to the large tent is a decent place to battle Keely the Frost Archer if you encounter her during the day. Why? Because it provides vampires with a wall to hide behind and some shade.

She does, however, tend to rush inside the tent. Thus, it is not advised to engage in combat with her there because you would have less space to dodge her attacks. Therefore, we advise attacking at night.

How to Defeat Keely the Frost Archer in V Rising

V Rising Keely the Frost Archer Location Fight

Three significant assaults will be made against you by Keely the Frost Archer in V Rising. Her first and strongest attack is an aerial bombardment of frost arrows that, if successful, will deal Frozen. You may dodge them by running away before they leave a brief splash on the ground.

She will often send three frost arrows in a cone in the direction of the player. When they get near enough, they’ll spread out, making it difficult to sidestep. If you’re close enough, you may just walk to the side or back to escape the attack. She uses a lengthy animation before shooting these arrows.

The third ability of Keely is to disappear and run. She may be discernible as a mirage and any effect inflicted on her will still be noticeable. She will end her invisibility and then use either her Frost Arrows or Frost Barrage, the first 2 abilities. As she runs, try to keep up with her so you can escape any abilities she chooses to use.

In general, you should stick close to the V Blood carrier, circle her to avoid her Frost Arrows, and run away if she deploys her Frost Barrage. Any weapon will do, and a full set of Boneguard Armor will offer more than enough defense in this battle.

Keely the Frost Archer – Rewards

When you beat Keely the Frost Archer in V Rising, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Frost Bat – > Send an ice projectile ahead. Its detonation will harm and delay enemies.
  • Tannery – > By using the Tannery, players may turn their animal hides into leather. A wide range of recipes, including better armor, need leather to function. As a result, having this is essential for expansion.
  • Traveler’s Wrap, Canteen – > Recipes. The Traveler’s Wrap is comparable to a lesser healing potion in other games, while the Canteen gives health to domesticated horses. The vampire also gains a little bit of solar resistance.

And that is all you need to know about the location of Keely the Frost Archer in V Rising. Check out other interesting V Rising guides and articles:

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