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The Evil Within 2: Warden Crossbow Location

Evil Within 2 Crossbow Location

The arsenal in The Evil Within 2 isn’t all about gunpowder weaponry. The Warden Crossbow is going to be your mainstay weapon because it can be used under a variety of circumstances. This crossbow is a game-changer, not just because it boasts the ability to unleash five distinct bolts, each with a unique property. But also because it is a tool of strategic ingenuity. As you navigate the twisted corridors of horror, the Warden Crossbow will help you solve many puzzles. In this guide, we will tell you the exact location of the Warden Crossbow in The Evil Within 2.

Warden Crossbow Location in The Evil Within 2

In The Evil Within 2 the Warden Crossbow location is pretty easy to find. It is located near an APC in the southwest corner of the map corner in Chapter 3 / Chapter 4. After the cutscene at O’Neill’s safehouse, you must speak with him again. That is when he will mention that a Mobius APC is nearby which may have some gear you can use.

When you leave the safehouse, you will get resonances on your Communicator to give you an idea about the location. So here’s how you can get to the Crossbow location easily:

  1. Right after coming out of the safehouse go west down the main road that goes in front of the Visitor Center.
  2. You’ll find Krimson’s Market at the end of that road. Make sure you can kill off the infected one by one that swarm the place. If you get detected, there will be a lot of running around and it will only make things unpleasant for you.
  3. You should see an intersection to the southwest of the market.
  4. When you come near it you will be able to see road barricades with a grey-whitish vehicle nearby.
  5. There should be crates to the side of this APC where you can find the Warden Crossbow along with Shock Bolts, and Harpoon Bolts.

You can do your first weapon test by fighting the swarm of the infected that’s coming your way. You’d have to first find the wet area that’s in front of the barricade where you can use the Shock Bolt to kill all the enemies in one go!

And that is all you need to know about the Warden Crossbow location in The Evil Within 2. Check out other interesting EW2 guides and articles:

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