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Roots of Pacha: What Recipe to Choose for Cooking Festival

Roots of Pacha What Recipe to Choose for Cooking Festival

The first ever festival you will get to live in Roots of Pacha in the Fall will be the Cooking Festival. You will head deep into the Savanna and have to figure out who the judge for the competition will be. Once you figure out who you think is the judge, you will also have to learn which type of recipe they prefer. As you talk to everyone present, you will slowly figure out what you have to do. However, even after talking to everyone, there is no way to figure out which recipe you should prepare. So, here is the exact recipe you should choose to cook for the Cooking Festival competition in the Fall in Roots of Pacha.

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Best Recipe for Cooking Festival (Clan Gathering) in Roots of Pacha

It is clear that the judge for the Cooking Festival in Roots of Pacha is one of the clan leaders. However, you will have to figure out which tribe leader is the actual judge: Pacha, Yakuan, or Mograni. You can tell it is one of them as they are all standing near the tree and one of them will say that the judge is between them.

To figure out who the judge is, you will need to talk to every one of the tribespeoples there. The judge is randomized, so you won’t get the same one two times in a row.

If you talk to everyone, you will get a few people that will say the judge is either Pachan, Yakuan, or Mograni. If you find at least two people that say the judge is, for example, Pachan, then it is 100% Pachan.

Once you figure out the culture of the judge, you will need to figure out if they are the clan leader or spiritual leader. You can figure this out, again, by talking to everyone. So, the judge can be either Gin, Zeda, Inza, or Vuak. Each one has a different favorite dish, so you will need to find all the hints.

To win the Cooking Festival in Roots of Pacha, you will have to choose and cook the Buns, the Meat Filled Squash, the Fish Taco, or Hummus. Here is the dish you will need to choose for each judge:

  • Anda – Ensalada Criolla
  • Gin – Buns
  • Inza – Fish Taco
  • Javvi – Papadzules
  • Vuak – Hummus
  • Zeda – Meat Filled Squash

If you also have more information for possible judges, leave a comment below and we will add it to the guide.

And that is all you need to know about how to win the Cooking Festival competition in Roots of Pacha. Check out other interesting Roots of Pacha guides and articles:

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This article is incorrect. I had Inza as the judge and she wanted Fish Taco’s. :’)


My judge was Anda and she preferred Ensalada Criolla.


I had Javvi and he wanted papadzules