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Robin Hood – Sherwood Builders: How to Get Bricks

Robin Hood - Sherwood Builders How to Get Bricks

In Robin Hood – Sherwood Builders, players will take over the role of Robin Hood as he creates a whole village in the middle of the Sherwood Forest that will thrive in the tumultuous England ruled by King John. Though the city building mechanics of the game are very easy and intuitive, players will likely notice that many buildings require materials you probably never learned where to get during the tutorial. Bricks are one of these important materials, as players need them to build the Quarry, Tavern, and Weaving Mill. In this guide we will show you exactly how to make and get Bricks in Robin Hood – Sherwood Builders with ease.

How to Get Bricks in Robin Hood – Sherwood Builders

Players can only get Bricks in this game by crafting them at the Furnace. You will have to build the Furnace during the tutorial for Friar Tuck. After that, you can approach the building and interact with it to see a new crafting interface.

In the Level 1 category, at the bottom, players should see that they can craft Brick (5) for Clay (8), Pine (5), and Coins (10).

Pine and Coins will generally be easy to get, since you learned to get Pine by cutting down trees in the tutorial and Coins by completing quests and selling loot at the Trader in the village. However, Clay is something new. You can find this material west of the village, next to the river.

Mine the Clay using a Pickaxe and you will then have to come back to the Furnace to start crafting the Bricks. You don’t need to have the Clay and Pine in your inventory, you can also hold it in the Storage and it will work.

Select the Brick, press Craft, and wait. Unfortunately, you will have to wait and stare at the screen while the Bricks are getting crafted, since getting out of the menu will cancel the order.

And that is all you need to know about how to get Bricks in Robin Hood – Sherwood Builders. Check out other interesting guides and articles:

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