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Robin Hood – Sherwood Builders: Best Ways to Make Coins

Robin Hood - Sherwood Builders Best Ways to Make Coins

Though Robin Hood is supposed to live the life of an outlaw that doesn’t pay taxes in the Sherwood Forest, he actually has to use a lot of Coins to pay his workers to get things done around the village. Also, most items that he’ll want to craft will cost hundreds of Coins, making sure that any loot he gets from raiding caravans will go straight into the hands of his workers. Unfortunately, since Robin Hood doesn’t believe in taxing the poor, there’s now way for the player to make money in the village from the rising population of the community. So, in this guide, we will tell you all the best ways to make money in Robin Hood – Sherwood Builders and start building anything you want around the village.

Best Ways to Make Money in Robin Hood – Sherwood Builders

  • Roast Doe
  • Farms

Best Early Game Method – Roast Doe

At the start of the game, players won’t really have access to a lot of buildings or resources. However, they will have a fireplace in the village where they can cook Roast Doe from all the hunted Doe in the forest.

Unfortunately, hunting can be a bit hard and annoying at the start of the game due to Robin’s low skill with a bow at level 1.

Luckily, you don’t have to personally hunt the Doe, since your workers can do it for you. Approach the table where you can Manage Your Village and interact with it. To the left, players can see various jobs that can be assigned to their workers.

Robin Hood - Sherwood Builders Best Ways to Make Coins Roast Doe
Screenshot by Raider King

Press the Hunters option and assign some of the free workers to do this. After a while, the green bar will fill up, meaning that the hunters managed to capture one Doe. Press the + button below next to the number of hoarded Doe Meat and then press the green button to Send to Inventory.

Close the building interface and approach the Trader to the right. He will sell you Salt for 6 Coins, which you’ll need to cook the Doe Meat.

Then, go to the right and start cooking. Make some Roast Doe from the Doe Meat and Salt. You’ll have to stay in the interface and stare at the screen until it’s done.

After that, go back to the Trader, press the My Offer button, and sell the Roast Doe. Each Roast Doe will sell for 26 Coins, which means you’ve made a profit of 20 Coins with the purchase of Salt.

With the Silver-Tongued passive skill, players can lower the price of Salt and increase the sell price of Roast Doe, making even more profit from this trade. With +10% Barter, players will buy Salt for 5 Coins and sell Roast Doe for 28 Coins, for a 23 Coins profit.

So, leave as many Workers as possible to be Hunters, come back and collect your maximum of 20 Doe Meat, purchase 20 Salt, cook 20 Roast Doe, and sell it for at least a total of 400 Coins of profit.

Best Middle to End Game Method – Farms

The best Production building in the game for making money are Farms. A single Farm will require a lot of space to build, along with 440 Coins, 30 Beech, 15 Sandstone, and 5 Tar.

At level 1, the Farm will use 2 Workers and produce a maximum of 60 Hemp, with every bar production 5. Each Hemp at +0% Barter will get Robin 4 Coins, which means each batch of 5 will get you 20 Coins.

If you only go on adventures and come back, the storage will be full of Hemp, which will sell for 240 Coins.

However, the magic comes at level 2. At level 2, the Farm will produce a maximum of 80 Hemp and 100 Comfrey. Comfrey sells for 12 Coins a piece. This means that when you get back to your village and the storage of the Farm is full, you’ll sell the Comfrey for 1200 Coins and the Hemp for 320.

Just putting one point into Silver-Tongued will increase the total profit from 1520 Coins to 1700 Coins.

The beauty of this is that it is completely passive, which means you can just explore the beautiful world of Robin Hood – Sherwood Builders, come back to the village to sleep, and make 2k Coins from a single Farm.

With 2 or 3 Farms, players will have more than enough money to build and craft whatever they want without any problems.

And that is all you need to know about best ways to make money in Robin Hood – Sherwood Builders. Check out other interesting guides and articles:

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