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Persona 5: The Phantom X Confirms Global Release

Persona 5 the Phantom X Confirms Global Release

Persona 5 fans have been anxiously wondering if the currently Chinese-exclusive mobile game Persona 5: The Phantom X would be receiving a global release or if it would just remain a footnote in the Western fandom.

While neither a public announcement nor an English trailer has been released yet, Sega mentioned Persona 5: The Phantom X in their recent Q2 Results for the Fiscal Year Investor Q&A which appears to have confirmed a global release.

When questioned about their future in the mobile gaming market after the closure of their recent gacha game title 404 Game Re:Set, a Sega representative responded by saying:

“In the future, in addition to strengthening the global roll-out of these major existing titles, we will also focus on global F2P expansion, such as Persona 5 the Phantom X, and titles from Rovio.”

While Sega’s reputation in the mobile game market is perceived as negative due to closing down titles such as Sakura Kakumei and 404 Game Re:Set within a year of their launch, they do have a few successes in the market such as Project Sekai COLORFUL STAGE and One Piece Bounty Rush.

In addition to this, Sega has acquired the mobile game company Rovio, owners of the Angry Birds franchise, solidifying their stance and intentions to remain in the mobile video game market.

With the popularity the Persona IP has gained worldwide since the release of Persona 5, many are expecting that Persona 5: The Phantom X will have strong launch downloads. Whether or not the game will be supported after launch remains to be seen.

Persona 5: The Phantom X currently has no set release date. The game’s second closed beta test took place in August of 2023. It is expected to launch during 2024 with the currently confirmed platforms being IOS, Android, and PC

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