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Persona 3 Reload: Maya Social Link Guide

Persona 3 Reload: Maya Social Link Guide

Persona 3’s Social Link mechanic will introduce you to many amazing characters, but also many bizarre characters. One of the most bizarre Social Links in the franchise is that of Maya, you MMO companion who speaks entirely through mid-2000s leet speak! This Social Link will send you through an emotional rollercoaster, but has the caveat of only being available on Sundays. Because of this, making mistakes with Maya can waste a lot of time. Especially when there’s another Social Link who is only available on Sundays too. If you are having trouble understanding the tone of leet speak, here is a guide for the Persona 3 Reload Maya Social Link!

Maya Social Link in Persona 3 Reload

You’ll be naturally guided to Maya’s Social Link during the early months of the game when the protagonist gains his laptop. She is likely to be one of the first Social Links you gain, but her availability is much less frequent than other characters like Kenji.

Because no choice you make during the Social Link’s first rank effects your relationship with Maya, this guide will begin at her Rank 2.

Rank 2

“U remember me rite? :O”

  • Of course (+3)
  • …Have we met? (+0)

“Hmm… what kinda people r we, playing inside on such a beautiful day?”

  • Don’t you like video games? (+0)
  • Sunshine is overrated (+1)
  • Guess we’re loners. (+0)

Rank 3

“so ummmmmm…… i’m drunk! xD”

  • Oh really o_0 (+1)
  • Are you an adult? (+0)

“but lately i cant get motviated to get ne work done @ work. =/”

  • You don’t like you job? (+3)
  • Are you burned out? (+0)

Rank 4

“its like all she cares about is marrying me to some dude >=/ whys it her problem?”

  • Don’t wanna get married? (+0)
  • You’ll need a boyfriend first. (+0)
  • Let’s plan our wedding, then. (+3)

Rank 5

“Mr. E is such a stupid eh so bee!! t(-_-t)”

  • Who’s Mr. E? (+0)
  • Are you drunk again? (+0)
  • Do you mean S.O.B.? (+1)

“…oh noes! u can’t figure out what my job is can u? O_o?”

  • A drunken master? (+0)
  • Maya’s a reporter, right? (+0)
  • Are you a teacher? (+1)

Rank 6

“actually, i only went cuz i was so pissed at that bastard! >=/”

  • Calm Down (+0)
  • What bastard (+3)

Rank 7

“…do men only want younger women? be honest w/ me =3”

  • What are you talking about? (+0)
  • Age isn’t the point (+0)
  • Guys like younger chicks (+3)

“she even stuffs her bra!! lol”

  • She, um… what? (+1)
  • Calm down (+0)

Rank 8

“oh noes… now i’m starting to get sweaty =/”

  • Are you talking to yourself (+0)
  • Hurry up and tell me. (+3)

Rank 9

“it said their cancelling innocent sin. …think its for real?”

  • Not much we can do. (+0)
  • No way! (+1)
  • Whatever, I guess. (+0)

“tatsuya… do u think we’ll still be able to see each other? T_T”

  • I think so (+0)
  • No, this is the end. (+0)
  • Don’t worry about that. (+0)

“maya’s not goin quietly! >=/ i’ll beat them to the punch!” 

  • What are you planning? (+1)
  • This won’t change anything (+0)

Rank 10

“…i should apologize”

  • About what? (+0)
  • Oh, no worries. (+1)

“i dun think i will…”

  • Now they’ll end it for sure. (+0)
  • Is that why you’re sorry? (+1)

“im thinkin bout quittin the MMO today i… dun think i’ll c u again T_T”

  • This is sudden… (+0)
  • I’ll miss you. (+3)

And that’s all you need to know about the Maya Social Link in Persona 3 Reload. Check out other interesting Persona 3 Reload guides and articles.

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