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My Time at Sandrock: How to Get Water

My Time at Sandrock How to Get Water

In My Time at Sandrock, Water is the most important resource in this desert. As opposed to Portia, you will have to base all the economy of your workshop on your Water supply, since you need to cool down your machinery Unfortunately, you can’t just go to the oasis in the middle of the town and steal some of the Water supply, since everyone in the Sandrock will start hating you. So, how are you actually supposed to get it? Well, in this guide, we will present all the ways you can get Water to your Water Tank in My Time at Sandrock and start using your machines properly.

How to Get Water in My Time at Sandrock

There are two ways to get Water in My Time at Sandrock for your Water Tank:

  • Purchase it
  • Craft it

Purchasing Water from Burgess

Players can get most of their supply of Water at the start of My Time at Sandrock by going to the southern part of town, to the shop called Water World, right next to the pond, and buying it for a relatively decent price. You can see the location of Water World in the image below, shown with the green marker:

My Time at Sandrock Water World Location
Screenshot by Raider King

However, since Water supply is limited in Sandrock, you can’t just endlessly buy a lot of Water from Burgess for the same price.

You can start buying 5 Water from Water World for 50 Gols. During that day you can purchase 25 Water for that set price. Once you do, you will access a new stock of 50 Water, where the price is 200 Gols for 5 Water.

After you finish the 50 Water stock, you will access a new stock where 5 Water costs 400 Gols. Generally, you have no reason to buy Water at a higher price than 50 Gols since you can just come back the next day and the stock resets.

Crafting Water

A common item you will find while trying to gather all the resources in Sandrock will be Dew. When you cut down most types of bushes in My Time at Sandrock, you have a 50% chance of getting Dew.

You can use this Dew at the Worktable to make Water, however, you will need at least 10 Dew. Once you level up your Workshop knowledge you can get the Water Conservation tech to lower the Dew requirement to craft Water to 8.

After you collect 8 Data Discs, you can purchase the recipe for the Dew Collector at the Research Center. This machinery will collect Dew from the air during the night, which evaporates slowly during the day.

It will produce 3 Dew every night, which you have to remove from the machine before 12 PM, otherwise it will slowly evaporate, losing you 1 Dew.

And that is all you need to know about how to get Water in My Time at Sandrock. Check out other interesting My Time at Sandrock guides and articles:

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