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Limbus Company: Reroll Guide

Limbus Company Reroll Guide

Gacha games have a prerequisite need for the players to reroll until they get the best possible results. In Limbus Company, this hasn’t changed. If you want to have great success long-term, you will need to reroll until your eyes pop out if you want to avoid spending money in the first few days. Luckily, we have played a bit and have found out how to properly reroll. This reroll method is only available to mobile users. Don’t try it on Steam. So, here is an extensive guide on how to reroll in Limbus Company and how to tell if your rerolls are good or not.

Reroll Guide for Limbus Company

Limbus Company Reroll Rates
Screenshot by Raider King

The first thing we need to clarify about rerolls in Limbus Company is the platform you should do this on. Don’t try to reroll on Steam. If you want to use the strategy we list down below on Steam, you won’t be able to play Limbus Company for 7 days.

So, here is how you are supposed to reroll in Limbus Company:

  1. Use a Guest Account on mobile (Don’t try this on Steam!).
  2. Skip the tutorial.
  3. Do two 10 extractions (pulls) on Limited Extraction or Standard (don’t use the Beginner/Welcome Extraction).
  4. If you get two 000 Identities and an EGO, you are good to bind the account. If not, go to Window → Settings → Account → Close Account (scroll down a bit in Account). Start again from the top.

You will know if you get an EGO or a 000 Identity since the game will do a whole animation for them. The reason why you should use the Limited Extraction or the Standard is because the beginner extraction will guarantee 3 Identities.

Since you will get something good no matter what, it’s better to keep it for later. However, if it’s taking too long using the other extractions, then you can start doing rerolls with the Welcome Extraction.

Also, if you get the Yi Sang 000 Identity from the pulls, then that doesn’t count. You can get him for free from the Mailbox. All 000 Identities are really good, so you don’t need to reroll for a specific character in Limbus Company.

And that is all you need to know about rerolls in Limbus Company. Check out other interesting guides and articles:

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