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Limbus Company: How Does Attack Weight Work? Answered

Limbus Company How Does Attack Weight Work Answered

Limbus Company is relatively complex for a gacha-type game, as it does a really good job of making most battles hard enough for you to actually have to think what you are doing to win. As battles get harder and harder, ProjectMoon comes up with new mechanics for the game to make it even more complex. One of the bizarre things that players might notice while looking at the Skills and E.G.Os of their party is the Attack Weight that they all seem to have. What do those yellow squares mean and how do they actually work? Well, in this guide we will explain exactly how Attack Weight works in Limbus Company, allowing you to fully utilize all your Skills and E.G.Os the right way.

What is Attack Weight and How It Works in Limbus Company

If you were to look at any Skill or E.G.O in Limbus Company, you would see right next to the Offense Level of it the words Atk Weight written in yellow, with at least one square to the right of it.

Attack Weight in Limbus Company represents the number of Skill Slots the attack will hit during its turn. Consider it something similar to the number of targets you can hit. Though “targets” would be the wrong word for it, it is the easiest term to understand this mechanic.

So, if you are fighting a boss with 5 Skill Slots (the circles that you attack during a fight, which often represent body parts) and are using a Skill with an Attack Weight of 3 squares, then you would hit 3 out of those 5 Skill Slots.

But, if you are fighting 5 enemies, all with one Skill Slot per target, then you would hit 3 enemies at the same time with that attack. If you don’t personally choose who to attack with that Skill, it will usually work based on RNG and luck.

This just means that a Skill/E.G.O with more than 1 Attack Weight is basically an AOE attack. So, the larger the Attack Weight, the larger the area of the AOE attack.

And that is all you need to know about how Attack Weight works in Limbus Company. Check out other interesting Limbus Company guides and articles:

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