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HOI4 (Hearts of Iron IV): How to Use the Add Equipment Command

HOI4 (Hearts of Iron IV) How to Use the Add Equipment Command

Hearts of Iron IV (HOI4) is a captivating grand strategy wargame, expertly crafted by Paradox Interactive and immersed in the historical context of the Second World War. Striving to offer the ultimate sandbox experience of this iconic global conflict, HOI4 provides players with a unique blend of historical accuracy and creative freedom to reshape the course of events and explore alternate history scenarios. In this pursuit, the inclusion of console commands or cheats remains a significant aspect of the game, allowing players to experiment and strategize in diverse ways. This article will delve into the “add equipment” cheat for HOI4, its activation process, and the two distinct variations of the cheat.

Console Commands and How to Open It in HOI4

In HOI4, so as long as the player is not in Ironman mode, console commands are present and can be selected once the player has taken control of a nation.

To open the console command, this can be done by pressing Shift+2, §, ~, \, `, “, ^ or ALT+2+1, or Shift+3, depending on the layout of the player’s keyboard. In most cases, the tilde key is often used for bringing up the console command window.

Add Equipment Command and Its Nuisances in HOI4

To efficiently use this specific command, it is advisable to refer to the game’s documents (located in Hearts of Iron IV/common/units/equipment) or a list of equipment names to easily access the specific name of the equipment you need.

Paradox Interactive typically requires either the equipment’s designated code (e.g., infantry_equipment_1) or its name (e.g., Carcano M38 or Infantry Equipment I). Be mindful that the command is case-sensitive and that Roman Numerals are essential in this regard.

However, when dealing with plane and tank designs due to the By Blood Alone and No Step Back DLCs, the process becomes more complex.

Generally, using the name of the plane or tank (e.g., Ba.65 or L3/35) should work, except for instances when default-named vehicles already exist (e.g., Panther, Tiger, Maus, or King Tiger), in which case the command to add equipment will not function.

To work around this limitation, you’ll need to create a variant like “King Tiger A,” and then you can use its name (“King Tiger A”) with the command.

It’s important to note that this command won’t function for ships, but there are other commands like “spawn” and “instant construction” that can be used as alternatives. The only naval vessel compatible with this console command is “convoy” in the console command window.

Additionally, as of the No Step Back DLC, motorized vehicles have been simplified to “Truck” in the console command window.

Keep in mind that the maximum amount of equipment allowed in the game is 999,999,999, and exceeding this limit will result in the loss of equipment.

How to Activate the Add Equipment Cheat in HOI4

To use the add equipment cheat in HOI4, the player has two options to input commands into the console command window:

  • add_equipment [amount] [equipment name]
  • ae [amount] [equipment name]

Please keep in mind the limitations of the game while entering these commands. Adding more equipment beyond the game’s capacity will cause the loss of equipment and may create a shortage.

Also, be cautious about the case sensitivity of the equipment name, as a single typo will render the cheat ineffective, resulting in a blank line after entering the command.

Alternatively, there is another method to easily add equipment called “add_latest_equipment” with the following command: add_latest_equipment [amount]. This command adds the player’s nation’s latest equipment in all fields (land, air, and navy).

In addition, using the “add_latest_equipment” command has its drawbacks. If the player unlocks superior technology after executing the command, the added equipment won’t be the latest, resulting in missing out on any upgrades.

Furthermore, continuously adding more equipment will lead to excess, eventually causing the loss of equipment once the limit is surpassed.

And that is all you need to know about how to use the add equipment console command in HOI4. Check out other interesting HOI4 guides and articles:

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