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HOI4 (Hearts of Iron IV): How to Use Nukes

HOI4 (Hearts of Iron IV) How to Use Nukes

Hearts of Iron IV (HOI4), an immersive grand strategy game developed by Paradox Interactive for PC, allows players to delve into the complexities of World War II and make significant decisions that shape history. Among the arsenal of destructive capabilities, nuclear warfare emerges as a game-changing element. In this article, we will guide players through the strategic art of dropping a nuclear bomb on their opponents. From developing the technology to the political implications and devastating consequences, we will explore the intricate process of wielding this ultimate weapon. Prepare to unlock the devastating power of nuclear warfare and understand the far-reaching implications it can have on the course of the war. Here is how to get and use nukes in HOI4.

How to Unlock Nukes in HOI4

A nuclear bomb is no small feat to achieve and is nearly impossible to achieve for a minor power or a nation with not enough territory to build nuclear reactors. As such, it is highly recommended to play a major power like the US, USSR, or Germany when attempting to build nuclear weapons.

That being said, the requirements for building nukes in HOI4 are:

  • Completing the three technologies (Atomic Research, Nuclear Reactor, and Nuclear Bombs) in the Nuclear Technology tree.
  • Having nuclear reactors

Building nuclear reactors without having the Nuclear Bomb technology researched will result in the reactors producing nothing.

Research time spent here can be reduced by assigning the appropriate theorist or finishing certain focuses.

How to Use Nukes in HOI4 – Launching Bombers

Out of all planes, only strategic bombers have the capability to drop nukes in HOI4. Although tactical bombers say that they can perform strategic bombing, this does not apply to nuclear bombs, so keep this in mind when you’re designing your planes.

To launch nukes in HOi4, here are the requirements you need to meet:

  • At war with the province controller (so even if the territory is yours but the enemy is occupying it, you can bomb it).
  • An available nuclear bomb (look at the uranium icon at the topmost portion of the UI).
  • Strategic bomber(s) in range (a single plane or squadron is enough per province).
  • 75% air supremacy above the target province.

After this, click on the province you wish to target and select the nuclear bomb icon to begin the attack. Once this is clicked, there is no going back.

Multiple nuclear bombs cannot be dropped on a single province at once, though you are able to continuously drop bombs once the previous one has already gone off.

You’ll be treated to a spectacle when dropping the bomb, which may or may not crash your computer, depending on its specs.

Nuke Effects

Following a nuclear attack on a province, these are the effects one can see:

  • Defending troops in the province take casualties (to both strength and organization) that can range from 10% to 90%. Entrenchment is not affected by a nuclear strike and will remain the same as before.
  • All province buildings’ HP is reduced to 0.
  • All state buildings will see their level drop to a random level below them.
  • All aircraft stationed at that province’s air base will be destroyed.
  • The controller of the nuked province will lose 20% war support, though this will be lowered if the province does not have a victory point of at least 3 points or the infrastructure (prior to being damaged) is less than level 10.
  • A special informative event will pop up after the first nuclear bomb drop and after drops on specific cities (usually capitals or other significant cities).

There is a special decision for Japan, specifically when it is the target of two nuclear bombs. Prior to the second bombing, if Japan has fewer than 40 ships and does not control Okinawa and Iwo Jima, they can opt to surrender following the second bombing.

And that is all you need to know about how to get and use nukes in HOI4. Check out other interesting HOI4 guides and articles:

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