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GameShark Nintendo Switch 2 Leak Likely Fake

GameShark Nintendo Switch 2 Leak Likely Fake

On the morning of January 11, 2023, the publisher of the beloved video game cheat device GameShark, Altec Lansing, gave a press release about their upcoming tool AI Shark.

Their upcoming AI Shark tool is being developed with the intention of giving players AI-generated tips in real-time as they play games. However, the purpose of the tool isn’t what caught gamer’s eyes but rather the release date.

In the first paragraph of the press release, Altec Lansing states that they are aiming to release this tool in September of 2024, to go along with the release of the Nintendo Switch 2.

Upon seeing this, gamers began to spread the word on social media websites like Twitter that the Switch 2’s release date was leaked by GameShark.

As this news spread, major gaming news media outlets such as IGN and GameInformer also began to report on it. To many online, this news appeared to be true.

However, later in the day, journalist Jason Schreier of Bloomberg reported that he had spoken to a spokesperson for AI Shark and that they were allegedly just guessing the release date of the Nintendo Switch 2.

Another notable figure to claim the alleged leak was dubious was YouTuber Steve Bowling, who took to Twitter and YouTube to clarify to many that GameShark was never an officially licensed Nintendo accessory and it would be unlikely for AI Shark to have info on the Switch 2’s release.

As of now, confirming or denying the validity of Altec Lansing’s press release can be difficult. However, all signs point to their information about the Switch 2’s release date being false. With most appearing to suggest it was a simple guess on the publisher’s side.

There is currently no official information on the Switch 2 from Nintendo. While 2024 seems to be a likely year for them to announce it, all info seen online must be seen as a rumor first and taken with a grain of salt.

Based in Pennsylvania, USA, Skeith has been a gamer for over two decades now and has decided to take pen to paper about it. Capable of playing games at incredible speeds, you can rely on them to write about them in record time.
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