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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: How to Pressure Enemies

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth How To Pressure Enemies

One of the most important mechanics to get a handle on in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth’s battle system is staggering enemies. Staggering enemies not only stuns them for a short period of time but also multiplies your damage output when attacking them! In order to stagger enemies though you must either attack them for a long period of time or push them into a pressured state where their stagger meter will increase dramatically faster. It can be easy to miss exactly how to make them enter this state though. If you are still confused, here is how to pressure enemies in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth!

How to Pressure Enemies in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Each enemy in the game has their own specific mechanics on how to pressure them. In order to see how to pressure the enemy, you must first equip some Assess Materia and then cast the corresponding spell on an enemy.

After casting Assess on an enemy, you will see a menu listing how much health the enemy has left, their weaknesses, their immunities, and a description of what the enemy is. In this description there will be some bold yellow text teaching you how to make them enter a pressured state.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth How to Pressure Enemies
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Some enemies will have incredibly simple pressure conditions like casting a spell which is their elemental weakness while others may have more complex conditions such as large toad-like enemies which can only be pressured if you first cut their tongue. Bosses also tend to have complex pressure methods that relate to their attacks.

Once you have pushed an enemy in a pressured state, you’ll need to capitalize on it by using ATB abilities that are specifically designed to increase stagger. These abilities are usually labeled as a Focus attack (for example: Tifa’s Focused Strike ability) and are an incredibly important tool in battle. Red XIII’s Vengeance Mode also increases stagger significantly with each hit.

Enemies will not stay pressured for long though, so it is recommended that you have at least one other party member with charged ATB before you put an enemy into a pressured state, in order to maximize this opportunity.

And that’s all you need to know in about how to pressure enemies in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Check out other interesting Final Fantasy VII Rebirth guides and articles.

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