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Fate/Grand Order Adds Ptolemy and Sugitani Zenjubo

Fate/Grand Order Adds Ptolemy and Sugitani Zenjubo

Type-Moon and Lasengle’s popular gacha RPG Fate/Grand Order is still going strong eight years into its lifespan with frequent character additions and events. The newest of which focuses on the soldiers of Alexander the Great.

The new event titled “Grail Front: White-Sky Castle, Black-Knight Castle” adds two new servants to the game. The first of which is the 5-Star Archer class servant Ptolemy. Those familiar with Greco-Roman history will know Ptolemy as an important mathematician, astronomer, and geographer.

Ptolemy’s moveset in Fate/Grand Order is very diverse. During his first two ascensions, he has a single target Buster-type Noble Phantasm, but upon switching to his third ascension he changed to an AoE Arts-type attack. His three skills are centered around increasing his attack and putting a health regen buff on your party.

The other servant added in this event is Sugitani Zenjubo. Sugitani was a famed sniper of the Koga clan in ancient Japan whose existence may have just been a tale. Fate/Grand Order’s version of him is a three-star Archer-class servant.

Sugitani’s Noble Phantasm is a single-target Buster attack that has a chance of adding two NP Damage up buffs to himself before activating. His other skills are centered around giving himself critical hit stars and increasing his critical damage for five turns.

Fate/Grand Order Adds Ptolemy and Sugitani Zenjubo
Image via Lasengle

The “Grail Front: White-Sky Castle, Black-Knight Castle” event begins on October 25, 2023, in the Japanese version of Fate/Grand Order. The rate-up banners for both Ptolemy and Sugitani will begin at the same time as the event.

English players will unfortunately have to wait an extended period of time for the event to begin, as the English and Japanese versions of Fate/Grand Order are rarely in sync, with Japanese players getting servants and events up to two years before English players.

Luckily, English players won’t have a completely barren week in Fate/Grand Order as they will be receiving a rerun of last year’s Gudaguda event in English On October 26, 2023.

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