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Brave Bang Bravern Makes Super Robot Wars Debut This April

Big Bang Bravern Makes Super Robot Wars Debut This April

During a March announcement stream, video game publisher Bandai Namco announced that the currently airing mecha anime “Brave Bang Bravern!” would be appearing in the mobile game Super Robot Wars DD this April!

The addition of Bravern to the game will be done to celebrate Super Robot Wars DD’s 4.5th anniversary, as Bravern was designed by mecha designer Masami Obari. Obari has been a foundational pillar for mecha designs for several decades now and Super Robot Wars has always been willing to pay tribute to him.

The Brave Bang Bravern event in Super Robot Wars DD will be adding the title mecha/character to the game in addition to including Isami as his pilot. Superbia from the same anime will also be added to the game as an enemy. The event will feature 3 stages for players to fight through.

Big Bang Bravern Makes Super Robot Wars Debut This April
Image via Bandai Namco

The Super Robot Wars DD original mechas Didarion and Angilon will also be featured in the event as a joking reference to how they share voice actors with Superbia and Smith from Big Bang Bravern.

A trailer for the upcoming Brave Bang Bravern event can be viewed in the link below. Note that the video may be unavailable in certain regions due to including the show’s theme song

Bravern’s appearance in Super Robot Wars DD before the anime has finished airing may seem like an extremely fast addition, however, Super Robot Wars has added characters at this fast a pace before. With examples such as Shin Sakura Wars characters appearing in Super Robot Wars X-O before their game was released.

With the final episode of Brave Bang Braven airing a mere few weeks before this event begins, fans of Bravern will be prime to begin playing through this event to experience another story featuring the beloved mecha.

Super Robot Wars DD is currently available to download for Android and IOS systems. However, the game is only available in Japanese-speaking regions with an English localization seeming unlikely due to licensing issues.

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