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Between Horizons: Which Terminal Did The Intruder Manipulate? Solution

Between Horizons Which Terminal Did The Intruder Manipulate Solution

The first ever case you will need to solve in Between Horizons as Stella is the case of a potentially manipulated terminal in the Network Access Point. The game will give you more than enough hints to solve the puzzle, but it doesn’t hurt to make sure before making a decision, considering there is no way to go back and change your mind in the future. In this guide we will walk you through how to solve The Intruder case in Between Horizons as well as give you the exact solution.

The Solution for The Intruder Case in Between Horizons

After talking to Programmer Aaron, The Intruder case will start. What you’ll need to do to solve it is to investigate the Network Tool to the left of Aaron and then question him about it. You will then gain temporary access to look at the Network Terminals in the room to the left.

Enter that room and press the button to investigate to interact with all the 5 terminals inside the room. If you looked at them before finding the Network Tool and talking to Aaron, you would have them all appear in your Evidence menu as big red X’s.

However, now, they should all appear as little drawings with lines and squares. If you didn’t understand how to solve the puzzle from Aaron’s first explanation, you can go back and question him about the images again, getting even more hints.

To complete the puzzle, you will need to look at all the images and calculate if the total of lines on the left is equal to the one on the right. A square counts as 4 lines.

Between Horizons Which Terminal Did The Intruder Manipulate Solution 2
Screenshot by Raider King

Once you figure out which one is wrong, open the Cases menu, go down to The Intruder, and select the terminal on the right which has the wrong amount of lines. The solution for this puzzle is the PDA Network Terminal.

After submitting the solution, a cutscene will start where William will join you and Programmer Aaron will check if you found the right answer for the case.

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