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Atomic Heart: How to Solve the Boiler Room Puzzle (Into the Fire)

Atomic Heart How to Solve the Boiler Room Puzzle (Into the Fire)

After fighting through hundreds of deadly robots in Atomic Heart, you’ve reached a boiler room that is about to explode. It seems that this dystopian futuristic Soviet Union is not giving you any easy missions. This room is very big and it seems like there is no obvious answer to this puzzle. Luckily, the game is giving you some pointers that will make this puzzle easier. Here is how you can solve the boiler room puzzle for the Into the Fire quest in Atomic Heart.

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How to Complete the Boiler Room Puzzle in Atomic Heart

In the Into the Fire puzzle, Atomic Heart players will have to cool off three boilers. At this point, the game will give you two waypoints:

  • A sphere full of blue balls (Fahrenheit)
  • An open pipe

To solve this puzzle, you will need to pick up one of the blue balls, highlighted by the game. You can see how they look in the image below.

Atomic Heart How to Solve the Boiler Room Puzzle (Into the Fire) Pipe Blue Ball
Screenshot by Raider King

Then, you will need to head over to the open pipe that the game is highlighting with that ball. Just insert the ball into the pipe and then go back to the boiler room and look for the ball inside the pipe.

Players will just have to control the ball through the pipes to reach one of the boilers. Just get close to the pipe and pull the ball using your glove.

Once the ball reaches one of the boilers, it will immediately cool off. Do this three times for all the boilers and the puzzle will be done. That was all you needed to do to solve the boiler room puzzle in Atomic Heart.

And that is all you need to know about the boiler room puzzle in Atomic Heart. Check out other interesting guides and articles:

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