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Atomic Heart: How to Enable VSync

Atomic Heart How to Enable VSync

You just started your Atomic Heart playthrough and the first problem you’ve stumbled into is the lack of VSync. All you see are screen tears and annoying frame drops that should be easily fixed with enabled VSync. However, going into the settings will reveal that you can’t turn on VSync. It’s just grayed out and clicking on the arrows does nothing. Well, we have found a few ways you can fix this problem, no matter what graphics card you are using. Here is how to enable VSync in Atomic Heart if the option besides “off” is selectable.

How to Enable VSync in Atomic Heart

So you’ve started Atomic Heart, taken a look at the settings, and realized that it is impossible to enable VSync. This problem seems to be prevalent for Xbox Game Pass players. Don’t worry, there are a few things you can try out before giving up on the game:

Enable DLSS Frame Generation

The DLSS Frame Generation setting and VSync don’t work together. However, Atomic Heart automatically enables DLSS Frame Generation even if you don’t have the necessary graphics card.

If the VSync option is stuck to “off” in Atomic Heart, then it means that the game thinks that you have DLSS Frame Generation enabled.

To enable VSync, first go to the Quality settings and enable DLSS Frame Generation, even if you can’t actually use it. Atomic Heart will now restart and, instead of having DLSS Frame Generation, you will have VSync enabled.

However, if you go back again into the Quality settings, VSync will turn off again, so make sure to follow these steps again if it happens.

Enable VSync for Atomic Hearts through the Nvidia Control Panel

If you have an Nvidia graphics card then you can enable VSync for Atomic Heart through the Nvidia Control Panel.

Open the Nvidia Control Panel (not Geforce Experience) and go to the 3D settings. Enable global vertical synchronization for all games.

Enable VSync in Global Settings in the Adrenaline App (AMD users)

If you are an AMD user, you can enable VSync in the global settings in the Adrenaline App. Don’t try to change the game’s specific VSync settings, make sure to do it through the global settings.

If the problem still exists or it didn’t work, make sure to mention it in the comments. We will try to help you as much as we can. Otherwise, just make sure to follow the steps properly.

And that is all you need to know about how to enable VSync in Atomic Heart. Check out other interesting Atomic Heart guides and articles:

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I figured out how to get Vsync on by myself using the first method, worked fine, unrelated to the game, I updated my nvidia drivers and it screwed my entire PC up, rolled back the driver, had no issues, everything went back to normal. I tried atmoic heart again, and Vsync was off all of a sudden, I try to use the method I first did to get it back on, and now, no matter what I do it wont work. I forced it on globally in Nvidias control panel, wont work, added the game specifically, and forced it on also in the control panel, wont work… Nothing I do will get this game to work without tearing now… any ideas?