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Welcome to ParadiZe: How to Get More Zombies

Welcome to ParadiZe How to Get More Zombies

In the beautiful town of ParadiZe, players will get to domesticate their companion Zombie and explore the map with their help. However, most will likely like to have more than one Zombot following them around and helping them defeat enemy Zombies, especially considering you might have invested all your Talent Points into the Hacking tree to make them more powerful. In this guide we will show you how you can increase your Zombie army in Welcome to ParadiZe, and how to get more Zombots to follow you around the map.

How to Get More Zombies in Welcome to ParadiZe

Players will get their first Zombot in the prologue of the game, and then they will be stuck with this Zombie companion for most of the game.

There are two ways to get more Zombots to follow the player character: progress through the Main Quests and upgrade the Hacking skill tree.

In Welcome to ParadiZe players can only get a total of 6 Zombies to follow them. Two of them will join as part of the Main Quest and the other 4 can join the crew by upgrading the Hacking skill tree and getting the Control The Masses skill.

This means that at level 17, you should be able to control 3 Zombies to follow you. Otherwise, just advance the storyline to get the second main Zombot, which will be able to recruit its personal 2 companions.

The only problem with the Zombots of your personal Zombots is that they can’t equip weapons or armor. All they can do is fight from close combat with the improved stats you can get from the Hacking skill tree. A good idea would be to give your personal Zombots ranged weapons, since the other 4 will fight from melee no matter what.

Players can also increase the size of their army of Zombies by building Pylons in their base, where they can recruit Zombots to protect the area and collect resources. Though these Zombies won’t follow you, they are still very useful in protecting the base from hostile Zombies.

And that is all you need to know about how to get more Zombots in Welcome to ParadiZe. Check out other interesting guides and articles:

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