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Pro Apex Legends Players Get Hacked Mid-ALGS Tournament Finals

Pro Apex Legends Players Get Hacked Mid-ALGS Tournament Finals

The North American Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) Finals were thrown into chaos yesterday after pro players were targeted by hackers during critical matches. The incident, which saw blatant wallhacks and aimbot being used, forced players to forfeit games and ultimately led to the postponement of the entire NA Finals.

During Game 3, DarkZero’s Genburten was compromised by a hacker who gained access to his account and activated wallhacks. This forced Genburten to leave the match, leaving his team at a significant disadvantage. Despite initial attempts to downplay the incident, the situation escalated in Game 4 when Imperial Hal, from rival team The Slump Beasts, was similarly targeted with aimbot.

Adding to the confusion, the official stream seemingly downplayed the situation. Chat messages mentioning the obvious cheating were banned, leaving viewers frustrated and in the dark. The stream ultimately resorted to emote-only mode after the Imperial Hal incident, further silencing any discussion.

With over 100,000 viewers witnessing this debacle unfold on Twitch, the sentiment online was overwhelmingly negative. Fans decried the lack of transparency and expressed disappointment at what many called a “joke of a pro event.”

With the integrity of the competition compromised, the ALGS had no choice but to postpone the NA Finals. In a tweet, Apex Legends Esports stated, “Due to the competitive integrity of this series being compromised, we have made the decision to postpone the NA finals at this time. We will share more information soon.”

This incident raises serious questions about the security measures in place for Apex Legends Esports. With the game itself generating billions of dollars in revenue for Electronic Arts (EA), many are wondering if this will serve as a wake-up call for the company to invest in more robust anti-cheat solutions.

The future of the NA finals and the impact on the competitive scene remain unclear. However, one thing is certain: Apex Legends Esports needs to regain the trust of its players and fans by ensuring fair play and addressing the vulnerabilities exposed in this recent incident.

Based in Munich, Germany, Adrian Oprea is the Founder of Raider King. He is a writer with a passion for storytelling and a love for all things RPG. When not wielding a keyboard, he can be found exploring fantastical worlds, one quest at a time.
Adrian Oprea
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