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Pokémon vs Palworld: Lawsuit Fears Emerge After Plagiarism Accusations

Palword vs Pokémon: Lawsuit Fears Emerge After Plagiarism Accusations

Earlier today, on January 19, 2024, Pocket Pair Inc. released their highly anticipated tile Palword. While the game has gained a large fanbase of 1 million players within its first 8 hours, there is a vocal group of social media users against the game.

On January 17, 2024, Twitter user @AutumnRaptor1 put out a tweet where she accused Palworld of stealing designs from Pokémon, this tweet quickly went semi-viral with many thousands of likes and hundreds of quote tweets.

This tweet quickly split Twitter into two factions, with many arguing that Palworld had not stolen designs from Pokémon and that these were merely parodies. Some large users would even use Weird Al songs as a comparison.

On the other side, many agreed with Autumn’s assertions and insisted that Palworld had stolen designs from Pokémon, with many pointing out even more designs similar to Pokémon’s. 

One particular thread by Twitter user @onion_mu on the day before Palworld’s release was able to find and point out dozens more examples of Palworld designs that may have been taken from Pokémon.

In addition to this, the thread points out several enemy designs from the game which appear to be derived from other Nintendo products such as Breath of the Wild.

This has caused many to wonder if Palworld is in danger of a lawsuit from Pokémon’s parent companies Nintendo and The Pokémon Company. As Nintendo has a history of striking down projects that resemble their own.

While that reaction and mindset are natural when looking over Nintendo’s history of cease and desist, it is very unlikely in this situation. Palworld has been heavily advertised for over 3 years now and has not once received any takedowns from either company.

Palworld is currently available to purchase on Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, and on PC via Steam. In celebration of the game’s launch it is currently discounted by 10%

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