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Palworld Surpasses 1 Million Sales in Opening 8 Hours

Palworld Surpasses 1 Million Sales in Opening 8 Hours

Pocket Pair Inc.’s highly anticipated multiplayer, open-world, survival crafting title Palworld has been setting the internet ablaze on its launch day. Ever since its announcement in June of 2021, Palworld has consistently drawn the attention of gamers on social media platforms such as Twitter.

While there was initially some confusion over the premise of killing the cute animals, referred to by the game as “pals”, the game’s trailers and advertising which heavily leaned into the game being parody won over the hearts of many online.

With its unique premise of being a Pokemon parody game with elements of survival shooter games such as Days Gone, it was impossible not to be at least somewhat curious about how the game would turn out.

That curiosity has swiftly turned into tangible game sales as the official Palworld Twitter account has released a statement about how the game has shot past 1 million copies sold only 8 hours after release!

For an Xbox and PC exclusive title, these are amazing fast sales on par with highly coveted games like Sea of Thieves and Forza: Horizon 4, which both also sold a little over 1 million sales within their launch window.

Palworld’s success can be attributed to the large amount of social media attention it has gained, with many on Twitter being currently dissatisfied with the current state of the Pokémon franchise. With many claiming the games have grown stale.

With how Palworld’s gameplay has vaguely resembled that of Pokémon’s recent critically acclaimed title Legends Arceus, many Pokémon fans were willing to take the jump and try out this new game with similar creatures.

While the future of Xbox-exclusive titles is currently unknown, with the console publisher talking about bringing its titles to other platforms, fans of the platform can currently rest easy and pass the time with fun titles like Palworld.

Palworld is currently available to purchase for Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, and Microsoft Windows. In celebration of its launch, the game is currently on sale for 10% off

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