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Outrage Erupts Over Overwatch 2’s $25 Cowboy Bebop Skins

Overwatch 2 Charges $25 for Cowboy Bebop Skins

On March 13, 2024, Overwatch 2 released its long awaited and teased Cowboy Bebop collaboration skins. Unfortunately for Blizzard, the reception of these skins has been far from positive.

Upon the initial reveal of these skins, images quickly began spreading online joking about how off-putting or straight up ugly they were. Most notably the Spike skin for Cassidy, which barely resembles the iconic character.

The appearance of these skins isn’t the only reason they’re being critiqued though. As Blizzard has seen fit to charge players a king’s ransom for these skins! If one were to open their shop tab they will see that each and every one of these skins is being sold for 2,500 Overwatch Coins a pop.

Overwatch Coins are sold in four seperate bundles that give a certain amount of coins. Such as a 2,000 coin bundle for $20 and a 500 coin bundle for $5. Meaning that to buy even a single one of these skins you’ll need to spend $25!

Overwatch 2 Charges $25 for Cowboy Bebop Skins
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Of course, the skins can also all be purchased in a single Cowboy Bebop Bundle which costs only 5,000 coins. A $50 value that charges $12 per skin. Which while a smaller number, is still an incredibly large amount of money to charge for cosmetic skins.

The situation only gets worse when one takes into account that under normal circumstances players are unable to see their Overwatch skins in game. As Overwatch is a first person shooter, the only people who will see your Cowboy Bebop skins are those who you fight against online. Turning these skins into nothing more than a spotlight pointing out you spent $25 on a skin.

Overall, this situation is nothing more than another controversy in a long and ever growing line of bad press surrounding Overwatch 2 as the IP has gone from a golden child of the internet to commonly despised.

Overwatch 2 is currently available to download for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series S|X, and on PC via Steam.

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