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OSRS (Old School RuneScape): Pride Event Guide (2023)

OSRS (Old School RuneScape) Pride Event Guide (2023)

OldSchool RuneScape is a fan favourite that has continuously progressed over the long course of its history. A new skill – Sailing – is on the cusp of release, and new quests are being introduced almost annually. With seasonal events also becoming a time of celebration for all on the MMO, it’s only fitting that Jagex add a delightful celebration for Pride Month! It comes with some wonderful rewards that will allow players to express themselves in their own unique ways. In this guide, we will tell you how to find and complete the Pride Event in OSRS in 2023. 

How To Start The 2023 Pride Event In OSRS (Spoilers Ahead!)

To successfully complete the Pride Event in OSRS, players must help a group of Perplexed Poets to complete their loving poems, which they will use to invite their crush to Pride. Players can find the Poets standing around a table at the Blue Moon Inn in Varrock, who will each give the player a poetry scroll. These scrolls contain incomplete poems that must be finished to progress the event.

The scroll solutions are:

Gregory: Options 2 (‘Spring’) and 2 (‘Soil’)

Tabbitha: Options 1 (‘Guard’) and 2 (‘Protect with my life’)

Bethan: Options 1 (‘The fly’) and 2 (‘Riverbank’)

Quinton: Options 2 (‘Teller’s booth’) and 1 (‘Shines’)

Finding The Poets And Completing The OSRS Pride Event

After completing the poet’s poems, speak with Annie, who will notice something appearing in the Blue Moon Inn. 

This new character is a fairy initially named ‘???’ (later revealed as the Spirit of Love, or simply “Love”). She joins the adventurer in helping the poets invite their sweethearts to the Pride march, but naturally it isn’t as simple as that in OSRS! 

After speaking to the poets one more time they will each give the player a scroll. These scrolls hint at the locations of the poet’s admirers, who players must find in order to complete the Pride invitation. Love comes along also, and offers some comedic lines at times! 

Some of the clues can be a little confusing, but fret not. We have them solved and ready for you right here:

Tabbitha’s clue is “Where a good king sits his throne, my lover’s heart becomes my own”. They can be found in the courtyard of Varrock Castle, directly north of the city’s central fountain.

Onto Quinton, who’s clue was “In sunrise’s wealthy glow, the security of my feelings will grow”. While some players first imagined this to be Al Kharid, it is in fact in the East Varrock Bank, just south of the Museum.

Gregory hints that “Just South of town can my champion be found, tending cautiously to the ground”. To find them, players should travel to the farming patch next to the Champions’s Guild south of Varrock.

Finally, Bethan’s clue is “To the West where waters roar, a barbaric heart begins to thaw”. They can be found just across the bridge to Barbarian Village, west of Varrock.

After finding all four poets, speak with Love at the flower field across the bridge from Bethan (leaving Barbarian Village). Reap the rewards, and Happy Pride!

And that is all you need to know about the Pride Event in this OSRS guide. Check out other interesting guides and articles:

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