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Mount and Blade: Warband – What to do with Prisoners

Mount and Blade Warband What to do with Prisoners

In a game such as Mount and Blade: Warband, where war and battles are the norm, it would be expected that players would get their hands on a lot of prisoners. As you play the game, you might find yourself carrying more prisoners that you would be comfortable with. In this situation you might ask yourself, “what can I do with all these prisoners?” Well, we have listed all the things you can do with prisoners in Mount and Blade: Warband below.

What to do with prisoners in Mount and Blade: Warband

There are only three thing you could do with prisoners in Mount and Blade: Warband:

  • Sell Them
  • Recruit Them
  • Garrison Them

You can sell your prisoners to Ransom Brokers that can be randomly found in taverns. If you talk to them, you can choose which prisoners you want to sell, and each of them will have a different price based on their level.

Selling prisoners is an amazing way of making money, especially if you have an army that often uses blunt weapons.

You can also recruit prisoners in Mount and Blade: Warband. By keeping them in the party “prison”, at some point in time, you will be able to recruit them. To recruit prisoners, you need to go to the Camp menu and choose the option.

Players can recruit prisoners every 24 hours and, if successful, will get you the troops and a -3 Morale debuff per unit. The higher your Persuasion skill, the higher your chance of recruiting prisoners. At Persuasion level 0, you have a 40% chance to recruit prisoners, and 80% at level 10.

The last thing you can do with prisoners is to garrison them in a castle or town. This can help you if you want to sell them to a Ransom Broker and don’t want to go looking for one. Just wait until you stumble into one close to your home tavern and sell them then.

The problem with leaving prisoners in a garrison is that they can, very slowly, escape or die. This can be a problem if you care about them, but most players don’t, so this shouldn’t be a problem.

And that is all you need to know about what to do with prisoners in Mount and Blade: Warband. Check out other interesting Mount and Blade Warband guides and articles:

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