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Lost Eidolons: How to Save

Lost Eidolons How to save

As you progress through the intricate plot of Lost Eidolons, you might be wondering if you can actually save the game. There is no obvious option to do so and many players are confused. Are they only forced to comply with the autosave feature or not? Well, the problem you might be experiencing now has a simple answer that can solve everything with just a bit of gameplay. So, to help you take control of the game, here is how you can save in Lost Eidolons.

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Saving in Lost Eidolons

At the beginning of Lost Eidolons, the game will autosave between each chapter. There is no way to save before finishing chapter 3 in Lost Eidolons. However, once you have gotten past chapter 3 and have gotten access to the Camp feature, you can always press Esc on your keyboard and access the menu where you can save.

So, get through the story, finish the prologue plotline and chapters 1, 2, and 3, and you will finally be able to save in Lost Eidolons. Since there are many quests and events in the camp, saving is a really important feature once you unlock it.

The developers seem to think that the players don’t need the ability to save before the real plot starts. The game autosaves before each battle and chapter, allowing you to try the battles again if you lose. Since there are also no choices in the game, there is no real reason to come back and play the first chapters.

However, once you get to chapter 6, you will have the opportunity to recruit various new companions. This is why saving will become vital later. Why? Becasue, if you don’t give them the right gifts, you won’t be able to get them to join your party.

Recruitable companions also disappear from your camp after a chapter or two. This gives you a small time window to get them to join.

And that is all you need to know about how to save in Lost Eidolons. Check out other interesting guides and articles:

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