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Kynseed: How to tell time

Kynseed How to tell time

In a life-sim game where your tasks can be time-related and where you can have curfews and such, telling the time is very important. However, as you start your adventure in Kynseed, you might be wondering often what the time is. And, more importantly, how you can tell it. Well, Kynseed uses a different and special mechanic to know what the time is in the early game, which you will easily grasp once you know more about it. So, here is how you can tell the time in Kynseed.

How to tell the time in Kynseed

After talking to your sibling, you should have discovered your journal. This item has a special task inside that you have to complete: pick a dandelion. The game is giving here a clear hint that will actually help you with the problem you are facing.

Kynseed How to tell time dandelion

To tell the time in Kynseed in the early game, all you need to do is pick up a dandelion. The dandelion will appear in the top right half of the screen and it will work as a clock. Though it does not have the numbers and you have to be able to properly read a clock to understand it, the dandelion will show you exactly what time it is. However, it will only do it for 12 hours.

Once 12 hours have passed, all the florets on the dandelion would have fallen. You will have to pick up a new dandelion to tell the time again in Kynseed. Otherwise, it all works exactly as any normal clock would. You can tell what time it is by looking at which floret (or clock hand, in this instance) is slightly highlighted. It will also be longer than the others, and, usually, will have no other florets to its left.

And that is all you need to know about how to tell time in Kynseed. Check out other interesting Kynseed guides and articles:

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