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Honkai: Star Rail Huohuo Build Guide

Huohuo Guide in Honkai Star Rail

Huohuo is a 5-star Wind Abundance character in Honkai: Star Rail. She is arguably one of the best sustain-type characters in the game due to her ability to keep your team alive while also providing teamwide attack buffs and energy regeneration. Her high utility allows Huohuo to provide a lot of value in any team comp as any character would benefit from her healing and other buffs. This especially applies to damage-dealing units as her ultimate will both boost their attack potency and their energy regeneration, which is incredibly valuable if a character is close to casting their own ultimate. On its own, her energy regeneration has so much clutch utility in higher-tier scenarios such as Simulated Universe and even more so in Memory of Chaos since you have a limited number of turns to achieve 3 stars in each level. Because Huohuo is such a valuable unit, it is important to know how to build her to maximize the benefits she provides to your team. This guide will walk through each of Huo Huo’s abilities as well as how to build her with stat priorities, best relic sets, Eidolons, and examples of optimal team comps.

Huohuo Build Guide in Honkai: Star Rail

This build guide for Huohuo in Honkai Star Rail will delve into each aspect of her kit and how to prioritize traces, stats/substats, relics, and lightcones, for all players ranging from free-to-play to heavy spenders:

  • Main Stats and Substats
  • Main Traces and Abilities
  • Technique and Bonus Traces
  • Relics
  • Lightcones
  • Eidolons
  • Team Comps

Main Stats and Sub Stats

The main stats you will want to focus on for Huohuo are HP and Speed (SPD). Having a higher max HP will allow Huo Huo to recover more health for her allies through her skill and talent since all of her healing abilties will scale off of a percentage of it.

Having a higher SPD stat will allow Huo Huo to take her turn faster each cycle which is important if your allies are low health and need some quick healing before the enemy takes their turn.

Another stat to consider is Effect Resistance (Effect Res) to resist the chance of Huo Huo receiving crowd control debuffs from certain enemies. Certain debuffs can prevent Huo Huo from being able to heal your team which is vital to your team’s survivability, especially in higher-level content.

Main Traces and Abilities

For Trace leveling priority, you’re going to want to focus on in order: her ultimate, skill, talent, and basic attack. Leveling up her ultimate will allow Huohuo to provide a higher amount of energy for her team as well as a higher percentage attack buff.

Leveling her skill will increase the amount of healing provided to her teammates which also goes hand in hand with her talent since it gets triggered once you use her skill. Leveling her talent will also increase the amount of healing provided to her teammates once it is triggered.

Her basic attack will require little to no leveling since it is not the main focus of her kit.

All trace values are based on E0.

Basic ATK – Banner: Stormcaller: Deals damage equal to 25%-55% of Huohuo’s Max HP to a single target. This will require little to no leveling since it will mostly be used to recover skill points when your team does not require any healing or cleanse.

Skill – Talisman: Protection: Dispels 1 debuff from a single ally and restores an amount of HP equal to 14%-22.4% of Huohuo’s Max HP plus 140-623. Will also restore HP for allies adjacent to the target ally by an amount equal to 11.2%-17.92% of Huohuo’s Max HP plus 112-498.4.

Huohuo’s skill is incredibly valuable and will have a high priority to level since it will increase the scaling for the amount of healing provided based on her Max HP.

Ultimate – Tail: Spiritual Domination: Regenerates Energy for all allies except for Huohuo by 15%-21% of their own respective Max Energy and increases their ATK by 24%-43.2% for 2 turns.

Her ultimate will have the highest leveling priority since it allows Huohuo to act as a buffer and energy battery character for her allies on top of the already incredible healing she provides.

Talent – Possession: Ethereal Metaflow: After using her skill, Huohuo gains Divine Provision which lasts for 2 turns and will decrease by 1 at the start of each of Huohuo’s following turns. While Divine Provision is active, allies will recover HP by an amount equal to 3%-4.8% of Huohuo’s Max HP plus 30-133.55 whenever their turn starts or they use their ultimate.

Allies will also recover the same amount of HP if they are at 50% or lower HP. Whenever an ally heals through Divine Provision, they will also have 1 debuff dispelled from them. Divine Provision can only be triggered up to 6 times and using the skill again will reset the counter.

The cleanse provided by her talent is critical to making Huohuo one of the best sustain characters in the game and will have equal leveling priority as her skill. 

Her skill in tandem with her talent allows Huohuo to have a skill-point positive to skill-point neutral playstyle depending on the difficulty of the content you’re using her in. Overall her kit provides a lot of value to your team when compared to other sustain units.

Technique and Bonus Traces

Technique – Fiend: Impeachment of Evil: Huohuo terrorizes surrounding enemies and afflicts them with Horror-Struck. Enemies affected by Horror-Struck will flee from Huohuo for 10 seconds. After entering battle with that enemy, there is a 100% base chance to reduce all enemies ATK by 25% for 2 turns.

A2 Bonus Trace – Fearful to Act: When the battle starts, Huohuo will gain Divine Provision which will last for 1 turn.

A4 Bonus Trace – The Cursed One: Increases the chance to resist Crowd Control debuffs by 35%.

A6 Bonus Trace – Stress Reaction to Horror: When her Talent is triggered to heal allies, Huohuo regenerates 1 Energy.


For her relics, you’re going to focus on Healing and HP main stats with a combination of SPD and Effect Res sub-stats. For her chest, you’ll want to have an Outgoing Healing bonus for more healing but you can also run HP as an alternative if you have it.

You’ll also want to run SPD boots to ensure Huohuo can act quicker and provide healing for her allies if they need it before the enemy acts. In general, prioritize relic pieces with Effect Res sub-stats to ensure Huohuo will be able to heal your allies at all times.

For her Planar Ornament set, you will want an HP% Sphere with an Energy Regeneration Rate (ERR) Rope so that she can get her ultimate quicker.

Huohuo is unique in that to run her optimally, you’ll want to run 2 different 2-piece sets to maximize the different bonuses that will boost Huohuo’s effectiveness on the battlefield. 

Depending on what you want to prioritize, you’ll want to run a 2-piece combination of the following 3 relic sets:

Messenger Traversing Hackerspace for a 6% SPD bonus, Passerby of Wandering Cloud for a 10% Outgoing Healing bonus, or Longevous Disciple for a 12% Max HP bonus.

For her Planar Ornament set, Huohuo has several options available to her. She can run Fleet of the Ageless for a 12% HP bonus which will translate to more healing output and an 8% teamwide ATK buff if she reaches the 120 SPD threshold. 

FoTA is also very beginner-friendly since you can find it in World 3 of Simulated Universe and efficient to farm for since both FoTA and Space Sealing Station are very useful sets for a lot of different units.

Another great set is Broken Keel, which will increase her Effect Res by 10% which will aid in preventing Huohuo from getting crowd-controlled. Furthermore, if her Effect Res is 30% or higher, she will provide a 10% Crit DMG buff to all allies which will increase Huohuo’s utility.

Broken Keel will also synergize incredibly well if you pair it with the Perfect Timing Lightcone as it will increase Outgoing Healing based on Effect Res.

You can run Penacony, Land of Dreams for a nice 5% ERR bonus but that would limit Huohuo’s synergy to Wind-type damage dealing characters like Dan Heng, Blade, or Black Swan.


Her best in-slot Lightcone would be her signature Lightcone Night of Fright, which increases her ERR by 12%, and when an ally uses their ultimate, Huohuo will restore HP for the ally with the lowest current HP for an amount equal to 10% of the targetted ally’s Max HP.

Additionally, when Huohuo heals an ally, she provides a 2.4% ATK buff for that ally for 2 turns.

Huohuo also has many great 4-star lightcones that are more available compared to her signature LC which is not as easily obtainable via gacha.

Post-Op Conversation will boost Huohuo’s ERR by 8% while also increasing her Outgoing Healing by 12% when she uses her ultimate.

Shared Feeling will increase her Outgoing Healing by 10% and regenerate 2 Energy for allies whenever she uses her skill.

Perfect Timing will increase Huohuo’s Effect Res by 16% as well as increase her Outgoing Healing by 33% of her Effect Res. This effect will cap out at a max of 15%.


Huohuo’s E1 will grant Divine Provision 1 extra turn as well as a SPD boost for all allies while active. E2 also boosts Divine Provision’s utility as while it is active, allies will not be knocked down.

Her E3 and E5 provide Trace bonuses while her E4 increases her healing based on how low the target ally’s HP is and her E6 will grant a DMG bonus after being healed for 2 turns.

Team Comps

Since Huohuo is a very effective sustain unit, she is viable in most if not all team comps since she provides healing, debuff cleanse, energy battery, and ATK bonus functionality.

An excellent team where she will provide a lot of value is DoT comps since they don’t require any Crit DMG buffs and can just focus on raw damage. An example team would consist of Huohuo, Ruan Mei, Black Swan, and Kafka.

You can sub out Black Swan/Kafka for any DoT characters you have available to you but if you had to choose, Kafka would be a better choice since she will detonate all DoTs on enemies and increase your team’s overall damage output. 

Black Swan can easily be subbed out for other DoT characters such as Sampo, Guinaifen, or Luka if you have them.

For an almost mono-wind team comp, you can use Huohuo, Blade, Bronya, and Silver Wolf. Blade will serve as your primary damage dealer with Bronya granting Action-Forward and damage buffs. Silver Wolf will inflict debuffs as well as wind-weakness to enemies who are off-element to wind, allowing your team to be more effective against them.

As Huohuo is such a flexible character, you can swap out any role in your team with any character on your account and Huohuo will work perfectly fine with them.

If you want to have double battery utility, you can always run Huohuo alongside Tingyun in a hyper carry team comp to ensure your main DPS will have their ultimate ready more often and increase your team’s total damage output. Examples of characters would be Dan Heng (IL), Blade, or Jingliu.

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