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Fate/Stay Night Remastered to be Released in English After 20 Years

Fate/Stay Night to be Released in English after 20 Years

In a surprise announcement, people woke up on the morning of January 30, 2024, to discover that one of the most famous and influential visual novels of the 21st century would be getting a remaster: Fate/Stay Night.

The 20th anniversary of the Fate franchise has been going slow, with the only major announcements so far being that all players of Fate/Grand Order would be given a free copy of the servant Saber.

That all changed as video game developer Type-Moon uploaded a new trailer to their YouTube channel. An announcement for a remaster of the original Fate/Stay Night.

The trailer shows iconic scenes of the original visual novel while the well-known song Emiya plays in the background. According to the description of the trailer, this will specifically be a remaster of the Vita version, Realta Nua.

What shocked the entire world though, was the statement at the end of the trailer. according to this announcement, this remaster would be released in English. A monumental announcement as the original Fate/Stay Night never had an English release!

While Type-Moon in recent years has begun to release their works such as Witch of the Holy Night and the Tsukihime Remake in English, Fate/Stay Night itself always seemed like an impossibility to many. As the original game’s PC version was nearly two decades old.

With the announcement of this remaster, Fate fans across the world are prepared to read the original Stay Night all over again. Or in some cases attempt to convince their anime-watching friends to finally give reading it a chance.

There are currently no details on if this Remaster will make any changes to the original game’s script or how much the official local will differ from well-known fan translations.

Fate/Stay Night Remastered will be launching on Steam and Nintendo Switch at a currently unannounced date in 2024.

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