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Fate/Grand Order Teases Final Servant of 2023

Fate/Grand Order Teases Final Servant of 2023

Type-Moon and Lasengle’s popular Japanese mobile game Fate/Grand Order has put out a teaser for the final servant they’ll be releasing in the year 2023. This teaser has taken the form of a silhouette on the game’s Japanese news feed.

Devoted fans of Fate/Grand Order have already figured out who this silhouette may be. Based on the fact that the final event of the year is always a Christmas event that gives an existing character an alt as well as details in the silhouette such as a trident on their gun and the two streaks of hair the servant’s identity is clear to be a Christmas alt of Captain Nemo.

Fate/Grand Order Teases Final Servant of 2023
Image via Lasengle

Captain Nemo first made his debut in the story of Fate/Grand Order in December of 2018, but he wasn’t added as a fully playable character until October of 2020. As a Single-Target Arts Rider character, he rarely saw much use in the fandom as the Rider class is the most abundant Servant class in the game.

Devoted Captain Nemo fans would still use him whenever possible though, making him a semi-popular character within the fandom. While many may bemoan that a more popular character like Circe or Morgan Le Fay didn’t get this year’s Christmas alt, the game needs to pay tribute to lesser-known characters like Nemo.

It is currently unknown which class Captain Nemo’s Christmas alt will belong to. Based on the harpoon gun in the art, many have come to assume he will be of the Archer class. However, in the past Fate/Grand Order has put many characters who would logically be in the Archer class into other categories.

In addition to this year’s yearly Christmas event, Fate/Grand Order fans have a lot to look forward to this month. As of December 31, 2023, Type-Moon will be holding a New Year’s news stream that will lay the groundwork for what they will release in 2024.

As 2024 is the 20th anniversary of the Fate franchise, fans are expecting news on that year’s Grand Order servants, Samurai Remnant DLC news, Fate/Extra Record news, and possibly even news on the second half of Tsukihime Remake. More details on this stream will be revealed at a later date.

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