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Fate/Grand Order Adds Yamato Takeru

Fate/Grand Order Adds Yamato Takeru

To close off their end-of-the-year television program “Fate Project New Year 2023”, publisher Type-Moon revealed their 2024 plans for their popular mobile game Fate/Grand Order.

The first bit of revealed news may be a disappointment for some as the release date for the long-anticipated story chapter Ordeal Call 2 has been revealed to be in the spring of 2024.

As Ordeal Call 1 was released in June of 2023, this makes a nearly year-long wait between story chapters. This has caused some players to worry about Fate/Grand Order’s current drip feed of content.

Fate/Grand Order Adds Yamato Takeru
Image via Type-Moon

To follow up on this news, Type-Moon showcased the silhouettes for servants who will be added to the game in the year 2024. As with previous years, guessing who these characters are on vague silhouettes is impossible, but that hasn’t stopped some fans from trying!

One silhouette in particular that has piqued the interest of fans is the one in the top left, as it appears to be an alt for Edmond Dantes, the Count of Monte Cristo.

Fate/Grand Order Adds Yamato Takeru
Image via Type-Moon

Finally, Type-Moon revealed this year’s Fate/Grand Order collaboration and New Year’s servant. Unlike previous years, they will be one and the same as the New Year’s servant has been revealed to be Yamato Takeru from Fate/Samurai Remnant!

Yamato Takeru is being added to the game as a 5-Star Saber servant with an AoE Arts Noble Phantasm. Their gacha banner began the moment the news broadcast ended.

Below are the various ascension outfits Yamato Takeru will be able to wear in Fate/Grand Order as you level up and spend materials.

Alongside Yamato Takeru’s gacha banner, twenty-nine separate GSSR Banners were added to the game. Players will only be able to roll in one of these banners a single time for the price of 15 paid quartz, but rolling in them will guarantee a 5-star Servant.

Fate/Grand Order is currently available to download for Android and IOS mobile devices.

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