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Code Vein: Gift Guide – All Valuables

Code Vein Gift Guide All Characters Steam Cards

Code Vein has some image characters that you just have to befriend. However, with so many valuables in the game, how can you know which item is good for which NPC? Luckily, we made a long list of all the valuables in the game, along with how much each character appreciates it. Here is a full gift guide for Code Vein to get the most out of your valuables and time.

Gift Guide for All NPCs in Code Vein

These are all the gifts that you can give out in Code Vein. The numbers represent the value of the gift for each NPC.

35mm Reel222323223
Aged Brandy011521315
Antique Coin223522111
Antique LP Record253322233
Aromatic Herbs512212522
Blood Bead Candy333333333
Board Game211122253
Bottled Jam302232321
Boutique Sake031121115
Bugarally Doll253533355
Chocolate Garlic Flakes551223031
Classic Camera152312112
Curious Novelty111115111
Custom Gun Parts222221133
Elegant Fountain Pen212232211
Expensive Cigars230311112
Faded Comics123153233
Fancy Cologne323023332
Flower Seeds225312221
Fragrant Tea222233521
Geisha Noodles355332332
Local Pennant111115111
Organic Soap323223332
Powerful Spices522201312
Protein Powder131221112
Pungent Cheese132321103
Retro Game211122253
Select Coffee Beans321232122
Spotless Instrument113132022
Stuffed Toy212110231
Sushi Tacos520523333
Tomato Oden Sandwich535255312
Undamaged Paint Set113112220
Vegetable Seeds235312221
Well-worn Tool231111131
Yellowed Book132353121

And that is all you need to know about valuables (gift guide) in Code Vein. Check out other interesting guides, news, and articles:

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