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7 Funny Steam Reviews That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

7 Funny Steam Reviews

There’s a good possibility that you’re familiar with Steam if you play PC games. Your familiarity with the software’s built-in review mechanism may, unfortunately, be limited. The user-submitted game reviews can occasionally be quite hilarious. Here is a compilation of 7 funny user reviews on Steam, that will surely make you chuckle!

Here are 7 Funny Steam Reviews

Football Manager

7 Funny Steam Reviews Football Manager

Soccer fanatics love this football simulation game. It feels so real when the player performs their role as a manager. It offers a fantastic database and is the ideal player-transfer fantasy for everyone. South American players seem to be the user’s obsession.

Stardew Valley

7 Funny Steam Reviews Stardew Valley

In Stardew Valley, you have inherited your grandfather’s former farmland. You go out to start your new life with some used tools and a few coins. Fortunately, you can befriend, and even romance, the locals! This dear Steam user showed us in this review how easy it is to find love in Stardew Valley!

Cities: Skylines

7 Funny Steam Reviews Cities Skylines

A contemporary version of the traditional city simulation, Cities: Skylines builds on several well-established clichés of the city building experience. It introduces new gameplay aspects to reflect the excitement and challenges of establishing and managing a real metropolis. This funny Steam user has highlighted the beauty of modern capitalism.

Love Stories

7 Funny Steam Reviews Love Stories

Some people just want some privacy. This Steam user did not receive it.

ARK: Survival Evolved

7 Funny Steam Reviews ARK Survival Evolved

ARK players must learn to live after becoming stranded on the sands of an unknown island. To live, rule, and eventually escape, use your cunning to tame or kill the wild creatures that inhabit the earth. After downloading the game, you can all have wholesome experiences like this player!

The Sims 3

7 Funny Steam Reviews Sims 3

A classic amongst the classics. The Sims 3 has provided many players with gameplay experiences they will never forget. This funny Steam review illustrates a normal life in the Sims’ universe.

The Witcher 3

7 Funny Steam Reviews Witcher 3

Another big hitter, The Witcher 3 is considered by many the greatest game that ever existed. This user seems to agree with that take. Though, they seem a bit focused on the wrong aspects…

Most of these funny Steam reviews, and many other, can be found on Reddit.

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