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One Punch Man: World – The Manga-Seeking Girl Side Quest Guide

One Punch Man World - The Manga-Seeking Girl Side Quest Guide

Are you a hero with a literary heart? Does the call of adventure blend seamlessly with the scent of fresh ink? Then dive into the “Manga-Seeking Girl” side quest in One Punch Man: World! This guide will be your trusty bookmark as you navigate the whimsical world of a young girl’s lost manga. From deciphering clues to braving libraries, prepare for a quest that tests your wit. This time, players will need to remember some details about a manga while talking to three separate bookshop owners in City Z and A. Unfortunately, this quest can take a long time, especially since you would have to check all three vendors, so, here is how to complete the The Manga-Seeking Girl side quest in One Punch Man: World and where the manga is actually for sale.

The Manga-Seeking Girl Side Quest Guide for One Punch Man: World

The quest starts off with the hero stopping the Passionate Teenage Girl on top of the bridge in City Z’s Station Street. After clearing up the misunderstanding, the player will get the quest to recover an old classic manga that the girl doesn’t know the name of.

All we have to work with is these clues:

  • Title: Home, Monster, and Hero.
  • Protagonist: Righteous.
  • Plot: Laid-back.

After receiving these clues, there will be three locations where the potential manga can be bought: City Z Chain Supermarket, City A Book Stall, and City Z Manga Shop.

Normally, players would have to go to each vendor and ask about their manga selection, hearing about the protagonist and the plot. However, this can take a long while, so here is the answer.

The Correct Manga

One Punch Man World - The Manga-Seeking Girl Side Quest Guide Location
Screenshot by Raider King

The correct manga that the Passionate Teenage Girl is looking for is the Roaches Calamity – How I Became a Special Hero’s Apprentice and Launched a Counterattack manga that the Book Stall Owner in City A is selling.

The Book Stall Owner is located in the upper right corner of the City Area, right of the Cafe. Get the Roaches Calamity and bring it back to the Passionate Teenage Girl to finish The Manga-Seeking Girl side quest.

And that is all you need to know about the Manga-Seeking Girl side quest in One Punch Man: World. Check out other interesting guides and articles:

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