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How to Restore Regions in Lightyear Frontier

How to Restore Regions in Lightyear Frontier

In this cozy mech farming simulator, players will have to slowly fix the Lightyear Frontier to make it livable again and also make their map look a lot prettier. Though the game gives almost total freedom in regards to progression and building, considering you’re the lone settler on this planet, there are some automatic missions that appear when you enter a new region of the map. Depending on the region, you will get something like “Restore Pine Heights” or “Restore Edge Cliffs.” Either way, in both scenarios, players just need to clear either some Noxious Slime, Weeds, or both.

How to Restore Regions (Pine Heights, Edge Cliffs, Yellow Forest)

Clear Noxious Slime and Noxious Weeds in the regions to restore their fauna and flora. Each region will either have a lot of Slime, Weeds, or both scattered throughout it.

Lightyear Frontier Noxious Slime
Screenshot by Raider King

To clear up the Noxious Slime, you will need to collect Water using the Vacuum Harvester (any body of water will do) and then shoot the Slime using the Irrigation Hose. Both of these are tools on your Farmech.

Lightyear Frontier Noxious Weeds
Screenshot by Raider King

To get rid of the Weeds, you will just need to approach them and use the Vacuum Harvester. This will pull them from the ground and give you some Fiber on top of it.

As the mech takes care of the toxic waste, a meter will fill on the top part of the screen which will show how close the player is to restoring the region. Generally, you won’t have to find every piece of Slime and Weed, as the meter will reach 100% before that.

At the start of the game, the initial Vacuum Harvester and Irrigation Hose will be enough to clear both Pine Heights and Edge Cliffs. However, all the other regions will require the player to upgrade these two tools.

What Happens When You Restore Regions

Restoring a region in the Lightyear Frontier will, first of all, allow you to collect its special resources, and, second of all, allow you to interact with the animals in the area.

However, one of the most important reasons to get this done is to unlock the magic sealed door in the southeastern part of The Meadows. Restoring 8 regions will open the door, revealing hidden secrets parts of the main quest.

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