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Genshin Impact: Archon Quest Chapter 4 Act 4 Walkthrough

Genshin Impact: Archon Quest Chapter 4 Act 4 Walkthrough

There is nothing more interesting than exploring the large and ever-expanding world of Genshin Impact. The Genshin Impact Archon Quest Chapter 4 Act 4 continues directly after Act 3. You can start this part of the main story immediately after finishing Act 3, without waiting even a second. The aim of this guide is to help players easily navigate through Act 4 and enjoy their playthrough without any problems, as quests like these can sometimes get really confusing. Let’s get right to it.

Genshin Impact Archon Quest Chapter 4 Act 4 “Cataclysm’s Quickening” Walkthrough

We’ll break the Archon Quest down into its various Subquests so you can easily navigate through it.

1. Into the Deepwater Murk

You’ll wake up to another card from Lyney. He wants to meet up with you and Paimon to continue your investigation together. But first, you’ll have to do some investigating on your own. You need to find three clues, and you can start by heading to the cafeteria and listening in on a group of people’s conversation.

Move away from the cafeteria by following the game’s directions, and you should find two men nearby. They’re having a conversation that you’ll interrupt. Cuistot and Laverune will tell you about Jurieu and Lourvine, who seem to spend a lot of time in the infirmary.

Next, you need to make your way through the Administrative Area and you’ll be approached by Bavilliers. You’ll learn some interesting information about the Duke. Once you’re done talking to Bavilliers, you have to meet up with Lyney in the Production Zone.

You’ll share what you know with him and discuss how Freminet should trace Childe’s steps. It will be agreed that you and Lyney will meet up once more in nine days. This will give Freminet enough time to find out as much as he can outside of the fortress.

In the meantime, Lyney wants you and Paimon to continue investigating the forbidden zone. Specifically, he wants you to find a way into the infirmary so you can snoop around and find anything useful.

Before going into the infirmary, you and Paimon will eavesdrop on the conversation happening in the room. You won’t learn much and will eventually enter the room with Paimon claiming that you feel sick. To be convincing, you’ll sniff on a gross potion.

Sigewinne will then take care of you and come to the conclusion that you ate something bad. She’ll fetch you some medicine while you rest in the infirmary. Lourvine will look after you since she and Jurieu are there as well.

While you scan the room for anything of interest, you’ll notice a hatch on the ground hidden behind some furniture. You can’t investigate it immediately because the two scholars are still around.

At this point, Sigewinne will return and you’ll take a nap. Upon waking up, you’ll return to the dormitories. Here, you’ll discuss your suspicions with Paimon and end this part of the Genshin Impact Archon quest.

2. The Truth Shrouded in Shadow

For the next few days, you’ll work as normal. The game will advance to the ninth day when you’re scheduled to meet Lyney again.

The three of you will head over to the infirmary to check on Lynette, who has also investigated the area.

Lynette is not there, though, and you’ll have to search the room for clues. Once you’ve checked out two spots of interest, you and Lyney will investigate the hatch. He’ll start to panic about his sister’s well-being and you’ll find a piece of paper with a hint about where she could be.

After a conversation, Lyney will rush off to find his sister, leaving you to chase him down. Head to the Duke’s office and you’ll find Lyney and Wriothesley. You’ll also find out what happened to Lynette and Freminet.

Negotiations will fall apart and you’ll have to answer questions asked by Wriothesley for the game to progress. You’ll use the clues you’ve found to answer the warden’s questions. Don’t worry if you don’t know the answers, a simple trial-and-error approach can get you through the process.

Lyney will eventually get angry enough to attack Wriostheley but Sigewinne will intervene. The events will reach a climax when Clorinde arrives with Freminet. Lynette will also join the situation after a few conversations.

You’ll take Freminet to the infirmary. It’s at this point you’ll find out what happened to the young diver and discover that there is a problem with Fontaine’s ocean water.

3. Secret Keepers and Forbidden Zones

Continue the quest by going to the Duke’s office and talking to Wriothesley. You’ll learn more about why he did the things he did. You will also find out that the forbidden zone is real but Wriothesley will warn you to leave that matter and focus on finding Childe.

Being the main character, you’ll obviously insist on learning more about the forbidden zone and Wriothesley will ask you to follow him.

He will lead you down a hidden stairway to a secret area in the fortress. You will now learn the truth about the Fortress of Meropide. We’re not going to spoil that for you so let’s just jump to what you’ll do after your conversation with Wriothesley.

You’ll meet up with Jurieu and Lourvine and Wriothesley will share even more lore with you. After this, he’ll lead you out of the forbidden zone and you’ll reach the conclusion of this part of the Archon quest.

4. Calamitous Tread

To continue your quest, you’ll head to the infirmary and meet up with Lyney, Lynette, and Freminet. You’ll discuss everything that’s been happening.

Next, go to the cafeteria where you’ll be treated to a nice meal by Sigewinne. After your conversation with her, you’ll return to the dormitories to rest.

You’ll be awoken by yelling, and find that the inmates are all fleeing from the fortress. Go to the Duke’s office and down the secret stairway. You’ll find that Clorinde and Wriothesley are already down there.

You will be treated to a cinematic display of some serious events. Once the cutscene is over, you need to find Neuvilette and ask him for help.

Neuvilette will be outside and he will ask you to look after Furina while he takes care of matters in the fortress. The Archon is in a meeting with The Knave and needs assistance. After the meeting, The Knave will ask you to walk outside with her and she’ll treat you to more lore and information.

It’s then that Neuvilette will arrive and you’ll tell him what happened during the meeting. You’ll also learn more about him.

5. A Moment’s Respite

For the final part of the quest, you’ll head back to the Fortress of Meropide and check in on everyone. First, see if Jurieu and Lourvine are alright, then head over to the cafeteria and meet up with Sigewinne. Next, go to the Bombshell Bros (Cuistot and Laverune) and find out if they’re okay.

Last, but not least, you’ll check in on Lyney, Lynette, and Freminet. After your conversation with them, you need to go and talk to Wriothesley. After talking to him, you can go to the dormitories and rest.

You’ll have another possibly Vision-induced dream that leaves you with more questions than answers. And that concludes Act 4.

And that is all you need to know about how to complete the Archon Quest in Chapter 4 Act 4 in Genshin Impact. Check out other interesting Genshin Impact guides and articles:

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