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Cities: Skylines – How to Fix Not Enough Raw Materials Issue

Cities Skylines - How to Fix Not Enough Raw Materials Issue

As you try to build a large and beautiful city in Cities: Skylines, you might end up with the “Not Enough Raw Materials” issue in your industrial districts, which can be very annoying. This problem will appear for many new Cities: Skylines players and it is confusing, as you won’t get any advice on how to fix it. What is really horrible about this issue is that it can often pop up in established regions that you haven’t touched in a long time. Luckily, players can easily resolve this issue if they figure out the real reason why it’s happening. So, here is how to fix the Not Enough Raw Materials issue in your industrial districts in Cities: Skylines.

How to Fix the Not Enough Raw Materials Issue in Cities: Skylines

All industrial districts in Cities: Skylines require raw resources to produce goods and bring you profits. You can personally provide these raw materials by creating ores, oil, wood, and other resources yourself, or you can import them.

If you don’t produce the raw materials in the city, then your only source will be import, which will come from trucks, trains, ships, and planes from the border of the map.

The reason why players get the Not Enough Raw Materials issue in Cities: Skylines is that the necessary raw materials aren’t reaching the industrial buildings that need them. Usually, the real reason why you get this issue is due to a broken supply chain.

If there is a lot of traffic or the trucks that are supposed to bring raw materials to your general industrial district get there really slowly, you will start getting this issue. Check the trucks that should be importing raw materials into the city and make sure that they can actually reach the industrial district in a decent amount of time.

Make sure that there are enough roads that lead to the district and that your constant expansion isn’t causing traffic problems.

If you produce the resources yourself that the disctrict needs then you need to make sure that there is a direct route for the trucks to reach the industries that need them.

And that is all you need to know about how to fix the Not Enough Raw Materials in Cities: Skylines. Check out other interesting guides and articles:

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