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Warhammer 40k: Rogue Trader – Bottomless Pit Guide

Warhammer 40k Rogue Trader - Bottomless Pit Guide

There are many weird things the Rogue Trader can find in the huge Koronus Expanse. One of these is the Bottomless Pit at Augur’s Anomaly in the System Speculo. This bizarre location has a huge dark hole, a Bottomless Pit, that the players can interact with and maybe even get something in return, if not just a lot of experience. Most players that interact with this hole will likely get a bit confused as there are many choices and dialogue options, but no clear reward at the end. So, in this guide, we will show you what happens for every choice at the Bottomless Pit in Warhammer 40k: Rogue Trader and how to get the best rewards.

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How to Beat the Bottomless Pit in Warhammer 40k: Rogue Trader

The Bottomless Pit in Warhammer 40k: Rogue Trader has quite a few possible outcomes that can come if you mess around with the choices. If you just decide to avoid the whole scenario and you don’t submit to it at the start, you just get 210XP and avoid the whole thing.

However, if you want to get the best rewards, here are the choices your Rogue Trader should make at the Bottomless Pit:

  1. [Lean over and stretch your hand into the darkness]
  2. [Submit to the entity’s will]
  3. [Willpower 20] [Turn around and fight the creature]
  4. [Fellowship 25] [Proceed with the ceremony for the sake of future generations]

At the end here you will have 6 choices, one with a Toughness check and the others representing your companions. If you pass the Toughness check you will gain the Champion of the Darkness trait, which will give you +2 Weapon Skill and +5 Coercion.

However, if you select one of your companions, they will disappear and you can recover them once you go back on the voidship. The companion will come back with the Champion of the Darkness trait, which will give them a +5 Willpower buff.

There are only two other scenarios for the Bottomless Pit, where you get nothing or you get -5 on all your Willpower checks.

All Bottomless Pit Outcomes

So, here are all the ways the encounter with the Bottomless Pit in Warhammer 40k: Rogue Trader can end:

  • +2 Weapon Skill and +5 Coercion for Rogue Trader
  • +5 Willpower for a companion
  • -5 in Willpower checks for Rogue Trader (passing the Athletics, Fellowship, and Toughness checks, in that exact order)
  • Nothing (if you talk it out, pass the Fellowship and Toughness checks)

So, when it comes to the Bottomless Pit in Warhammer 40k: Rogue Trader, you should just follow the choices we listed above and select one of your companions for a nice little Willpower boost (Cassia is the crying baby choice).

And that is all you need to know about all Bottomless Pit rewards in Warhammer 40k: Rogue Trader. Check out other interesting Rogue Trader guides and articles:

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